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Ziggy Abler is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. He is the formerly estranged business partner of Abe Ziegler and the one who delivers the punch lines for jokes on Popsicle sticks. He appears in Head in the Clouds, in Season 5.


Ziggy appears to have a similar dapper persona to his estranged business partner Abe. Little else is known about him.

Physical Appearance[]

Ziggy is an adult male markhor (a type of wild goat), with light grey fur, and a darker patch on his snout.

His sense of style is similar to his estranged partner Abe; he wears a collared white button-down shirt, an open orange waistcoat, purple bowtie, brown pants, and dress shoes. He wears a straw hat with a navy band with a white stripe and his horns stick through it. He also carries a cane.


Season 5[]

In Head in the Clouds, after Flip McVicker is accused of plagiarizing a joke for Philbert, from a Popsicle stick by Abe Ziegler, Princess Carolyn tries to negotiate a deal.

Princess Carolyn offers Mr. Ziegler an invitation to the premiere party if he'll give this up. He agrees, but when he signs he puts an "and" at the end.

Apparently, there is a second party, his estranged business partner Ziggy, who is responsible for the punch line. Princess Carolyn asks if he can get him to sign a release, but Mr. Ziegler says that he hasn't talked to his estranged business partner in thirty years.

At the premiere party, Princess Carolyn sits with both Abe Ziegler and Ziggy Abler and tries to figure out why they are so against each other.

She learns it's because Abe doesn't respect Ziggy's job because he thinks it's easier than his. Princess Carolyn asks them to switch jobs, and walk in the other's shoes. They agree to this, while making up in the process, and sign the release.



  • Flip McVicker is seen throughout Season 5 eating blue Popsicles. It is revealed he did this so he could plagiarize the jokes on the Popsicle sticks for Philbert.