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This article is about Zach Braff (Fictional Character). You may be looking for Zach Braff (Voice Actor).

Animated Zach Braff is based on the real-life Zachary Israel Braff the Scrubs actor, screenwriter, and producer of the same name. He plays himself as a minor character in BoJack Horseman. He is first seen in Underground, in Season 4. He reappears as a butler in BoJack's dream in The View from Halfway Down, in Season 6.


Zach in Underground


Zach Braff is an exaggerated version of his real-life counterpart.

Physical Appearance[]

Zach Braff is a young human man with a prominent jawline and nose. He has dark brown hair and thick brown eyebrows. He has stubble on his chin, cheek, neck, and upper lip.

According to the model sheets, he is 6 ft tall.

During the events at Underground, he is seen wearing an unbuttoned black suit jacket, dress pants, white collared button-down shirt, purple bowtie, and dress shoes.

In The View from Halfway Down, he's wearing virtually the same attire as when he died, but with a pair of white gloves and his jacket has a different, slightly longer cut.


Season 4[]

Zach Braff was lit on fire and presumably killed during the episode Underground.

On Day 7 of Underground everyone is starving because they ate all of their rations. Jessica Biel says that they need to kill someone for food.

They suggest eating Mr. Peanutbutter because of his name, but Zach Braff intervenes. Jessica Biel sets him on fire and declares that fire is Law. She tells them that tonight they're going to dine on Zach Braff and that tomorrow they'll eat Mr. Peanutbutter.

His death is confirmed by Mr. Peanutbutter in Ruthie, as he explains to Princess Carolyn that Jessica Biel "murdered [Zach] and ate his burnt flesh."

Season 6[]

In The View from Halfway Down, Zach Braff shows up alongside other deceased characters in The View from Halfway Down. He makes an appearance in BoJack's dream alongside other deceased characters.

Beatrice’s butler tells her someone is on the phone for her, and BoJack is surprised that Zach Braff is her butler. BoJack tries to explain to Beatrice who Zach Braff is but she simply asks “You mean my butler?” When Beatrice takes the phone call in the kitchen she tells BoJack to help with the bird.

BoJack has a brief conversation with Herb who expresses joy at the fact BoJack came to the party. BoJack tells Herb that he kept having a recurring dream about having a dinner party with everyone who had died so he decided to do it for real.

Everyone is in the dining room and BoJack is sitting at the head of the table. Everyone is going around the table talking about the best and worst moments of their lives. Sarah Lynn, who has aged up to her eighteen-year-old self, says the best moment of her life was being asked for her autograph for the first time and since she was so young she didn’t know how to write her name so she just drew a squiggly line.  

While she’s talking, BoJack is given water. As Sarah Lynn describes giving autographs as being more of a chore after the first time, the house starts to rumble and BoJack notices black tar forming a pool on the ceiling. When trying to stand up asking what the black tar is, Zach Braff sits BoJack back down and serves him a plate of pills.  

Crackerjack says his best moment was when he enlisted in the army. As Crackerjack continues to talk, Beatrice asks BoJack if he’s ready to sing The Lollipop Song in the showcase, and BoJack tells Beatrice that he never makes it to the showcase. Crackerjack continues, saying he didn’t know that enlisting in the army would lead to the two worst moments of his life. Corduroy is surprised by this, saying that he didn’t know that they can pick two worst moments, while Herb tells Corduroy that it’s a conversation, not an assignment.  

Corduroy then goes on to say that he has three worst moments of his life that he wants to share and Herb tells him that’s way too many. Zach Braff continues to serve everyone their dinners. Sarah Lynn is given a hamburger and fries, Herb is given peanuts, Corduroy, a lemon, Crackerjack, food rations, and Beatrice low-grade cafeteria food.  

When asked about the best and worst parts of his life, BoJack says the worst part of his life was right before he found himself at the dinner party since he went to Angela Diaz’s house. He interrupts himself by taking a drink of water but he spits it out asking if anybody else has water that tastes like chlorine and asks Zach Braff for different water. Corduroy asks Crackerjack if he believes his death meant something since it was for a greater cause. Crackerjack says that question is too big for someone like him to answer, while Beatrice tells Corduroy that Crackerjack’s death did mean something saying that her brother gave the ultimate sacrifice. BoJack says that when people valorize the idea of sacrifice, loss, and suffering people tend to internalize the idea that being happy is selfish but sacrifice doesn’t mean anything.  

Crackerjack clarifies that he never actually killed a Nazi and all of his kills were friendly fire much to everyone’s shock. Crackerjack goes on to say he never liberated any camps either. He then goes on to reveal that he doesn’t actually know what he did during his time in the military. Just then, Zach Braff hands BoJack a bucket to hold over his head to catch the drips of tar. He also informs Beatrice that her husband has arrived—much to BoJack’s shock. BoJack then claims that his father has never made it to dinner before. Sarah Lynn then asks the group if anyone has ever had a song of theirs played in outer space saying that her hit single No, No, No (No Means Yes) made its way to Mars. She goes on to say that it has to mean something since she will be remembered.

As BoJack has not woken up from the dream yet he decides to go to the showcase which is hosted by Herb. Herb introduces the opening act which is Sarah Lynn. Before her performance, Sarah Lynn decides to dedicate her performance to BoJack. When the Spotlight shifts to  BoJack he proceeds to apologize for everything that happened to Sarah Lynn but she interrupts him before going back to the piano to start her song. Sarah Lynn starts to play Don’t Stop Dancing ‘Til The Curtains Call which quickly transitions into a song to the tune of her song Prickly Muffin. Towards the end, the song transitions back to Don’t Stop Dancing ‘Til The Curtain Call. Suddenly a door frame appears and Sarah Lynn walks towards it. As she finishes the song the door opens revealing nothing but darkness.

As she repeats the last two lines of the song twice more “Don’t stop dancing," she holds her breath and falls backward into the darkness behind the door frame and vanishes completely. BoJack runs to the door looking for Sarah Lynn but she’s gone and Herb introduces Corduroy’s aerial act. While Corduroy performs his piece, BoJack tries to ask Herb where does the door lead, and Herb tells him that he should sit down and he’ll get a chance to perform. Before they can finish the conversation, Corduroy swings himself into the door frame and disappears into the darkness. BoJack sits back down next to Secretariat and Herb introduces by giving him a "warm, warm, burning hot welcome" referencing his fiery demise. Shortly thereafter, BoJack leaves with Secretariat to smoke.

Back at the theater, Zach Braff is about to perform his roller skate routine when BoJack bursts in and tells him to stop the show, asking what is going on. Zach Braff tells BoJack that he’s being rude and he’s about to perform form his rollerskating routine. Secretariat and Zach try to get BoJack to calm down, and Zach tries to get BoJack to sit down put BoJack pushes Zach backward and Zach slowly slides towards the open door.  As he’s sliding towards the door, Zach expresses regret for all the things he didn’t get to do such as direct his “Backdraft” remake “Zach Braff’s Backdraft," finish his memoir “I Started A Zach Which Started The Whole World Braffing," or license Zach Braff short stack breakfast attack at Shake shack.

Before he finishes he falls backward into the door frame and disappears into the darkness. As BoJack continues to panic, he asks Herb how he got there and Herb replies “How the hell should I know?“ BoJack tries retracing his steps, recalling that he broke into his old house, he was watching the Horsin’ Around Blu-ray, and he drank and took some pills and then he went swimming. Just then the image of BoJack‘s body floating in the pool appears on the ceiling of the theater. Then BoJack remembers he got out of the pool and called Diane. Herb tries to tell BoJack that they’re trying to do a show.

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