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These are quotes said by Yolanda Buenaventura

Season Four[]

Lovin that cali lifestyle!![]

Yolanda: Thank you for meeting me here. My name is Yolanda Buenaventura of the Better Business Bureau.
Todd: It would be funnier if your name was Betty Buenaventura of the Better Business Bureau.
Yolanda: Well, I'm sorry you don't find my name sufficiently comical, but this is actually a very serious matter.
Todd: Oh.
Yolanda: We've received complaints from several concerned parents. It seems that many of your clown dentists aren't actually licensed to practice medicine.
Todd: Isn't laughter the best medicine?
Yolanda: No. It is the worst medicine. If you can even call it medicine, which, legally, you cannot.

Yolanda: Wow! What a great show! Okay, you can keep your business
Todd: Hooray! 
Yolanda: is what I would say if you'd put on a good show. Just so you understand the rubric when I declare my actual reaction, which is: "I did not enjoy that."
Todd: Oh, no! My hooray was premature!
Yolanda: So I must recommend that you dissolve this venture immediately.

Season Five[]