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Yancy Charlemagne is a one-time character in the series BoJack Horseman. He is the son of Vanessa Gekko. His only appearance was in The New Client, in Season 6


Yancy seems to be a very typical teenage boy, being on his phone throughout the whole episode and greeting Princess Carolyn with "'Sup." Little else is known about him

Physical Appearance:[]

Yancy is a human teenage male who has similar eyes and reptile-like features to his mother Vanessa Gekko and having a slender build. He has a Faux-Hawk hairstyle, which is dyed bright orange at the tips and is naturally brown at the roots.

He wears a zipped hoodie that is camo-green on the top half and the bottom is navy-blue, dark blue denim jeans, and bright blue sneakers with white laces.


Season 6[]

In The New Client, Princess Carolyn gets a call from Amanda Hannity, asking why she is not at the Manatee Fair photo shoot. Princess Carolyn tells Amanda she doesn't think she can make it. She then tells Princess Carolyn, that is too bad, as Vanessa Gekko is at the photo shoot. Princess Carolyn says it's fine if Gekko wants to promote her struggling business, however, she is too busy doing it all to pose for a photo for women who do it all.

Princess Carolyn then arrives at the photo shoot. Once she gets there, she is told they were supposed to bring their kids with them. Vanessa is there with her son Yancy.

Princess Carolyn then tells Todd to drop off her daughter at the photo shoot.

Princess Carolyn tells the other women, about the Birthday Dad project. One of the ladies says that the project sounds incredibly masculine. Vanessa Gekko says the new "women who do it all" is helping other women, not yourself.

Vanessa says the whole discussion is empowering, and Amanda suggests a type of low-key salon where women can exchange ideas. Vanessa says she can host and higher a caterer. Princess Carolyn blurts out she can co-host. This suggestion, then turns into an event, hosted at the foyer at VIM. Gekko tells Princess Carolyn she'll handle all the big picture stuff, and leave the organization to Princess Carolyn, so no one steps on anyone else's toes. Amanda then thanks Princess Carolyn for stepping up to the plate.

The photographer takes the photos, and Princess Carolyn gets stabbed by her baby's quills, as the picture is being taken.


  • His phone case is teal blue.
  • It's mentioned Gekko has three girls in Say Anything when she is first introduced. However, in The New Client, it's shown that she has a son named Yancy. It is unclear if this is a continuity error.