Vanessa Gekko is a Hollywoo talent agent, and the rival of Princess Carolyn. She is a seemingly better agent than Princess Carolyn and has a husband and children.

She temporarily shares an office with Princess Carolyn when their agencies merge. In Season 3, she starts working with Rutabaga Rabitowitz at their own agency.


Vanessa Gekko is a tall, middle-aged woman with silver ear rings under her short dark red hair, and tanned skin, and slightly reptile-like facial features (a possible play on her name and personality type).

She wears a blue dress with silver geometric shapes on it, a yellow bangle on her left wrist and a silver bangle and gold beaded bracelet on her right wrist, and heavy blue eye shadow, and silver teardrop earrings, and a pair of hot pink slingback boots with cutouts at the heel and straps going around the ankles.


Vanessa Gekko is extremely talented, aggressive, and competitive at her job. She was able to turn down blackmailers for BoJack, and instantly became the "top agent" at Vigor.

Even in Princess Carolyn's dreams, she appears better than her, where she is seen swindling her out of a beautiful home.

Often, her actions are a way to antagonize Princess Carolyn, so she plays a villainous role in most of her appearances. She is very arrogant, as she is almost always seen boasting about her accomplishments.

However, she also has a maternal side and deeply cares about her children. She even lets Rutabaga leave work early when his wife goes in labor saying, "Family comes first."


Princess Carolyn

Princess Carolyn is Vanessa's unfortunate rival. Vanessa would go out of her way to belittle her. She won't hesitate to knock down whatever tower of happiness Princess Carolyn has left.

Mr. Witherspoon

Vanessa Gekko's temporary boss who she will seek to never disappoint.

Rutabaga Rabbitowitz

The two seem to have become close friends after developing a working relationship, shown when Vanessa prioritized Rutabaga's family needs over the business.



  • It was first believed that Vanessa Gekko would appear as an actual gecko in the series. Her appearance as a human, was possibly a joke made by the writers.
  • However, it does appear she has reptile-like facial features despite being human. This could be interpreted as a symbol for her ruthlessness and aggressiveness.