VIM is a company and location in BoJack Horseman. It is first shown as an agency in Season 3. The company re-establishes itself as a management company in That Went Well.



Princess Carolyn starts the company off as an agency in Season 3, but it shuts down after being unable to meet yearly earnings.

The company re-established itself as a management company in That Went Well.

Season 2

Originally, Rutabaga and Princess Carolyn were to open VIM together in Out to Sea.

Princess Carolyn and Rutabaga visit the location where they're going to open their agency. Just when Princess Carolyn believes everything is perfect, Rutabaga's wife texts him.

Princess Carolyn learns that they are trying to work things out even though she and he have been sleeping together for the past three months. Rutabaga tells her that nothing has to change because he is definitely going to divorce her.

Princess Carolyn has packed up her stuff from her office and is ready to leave Vigor. Rutabaga and her go out to tell everyone that they're leaving when they learn that Mr. Witherspoon had a stroke.

Rutabaga still begins to tell them they can "strike his big, hairy....," and the scene cuts to the two of them in the elevator with Princess Carolyn embarrassed and says, "Well we burned that bridge."

While in the elevator, Rutabaga tries to kiss Princess Carolyn but she tells him that she doesn't want to do that anymore. Rutabaga tells her she's a single woman in her 40s, so she shouldn't be picky and probably won't find another guy like him, and if she keeps holding out for something better she's gonna be alone for a long time.

Princess Carolyn says with the realization that she's not afraid of being alone, and she decides to start the company without Rutabaga, as she's the owner of the company.

She also offers Diane a job as a social media coordinator for her company. Diane accepts this offer.

Season 3

In Brrap Brrap Pew Pew, Diane accidentally writes, "I'm having an abortion" on Sextina Aquafina's Twitter page. Diane gets fired, but the backlash from the public results in tremendous support for Sextina's openness on the subject, and Sextina becomes an inspiration to many women, even educating people in a tasteful way, resulting in Diane getting hired again.

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

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