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VIM is a company and location in BoJack Horseman established by Princess Carolyn. It is first mentioned as a concept in Season 2, and shown as a realized agency at the beginning of Season 3. The company re-established itself as a management company in That Went Well, the final episode of Season 3.

Physical Appearance[]

VIM is a high rise building. The interior has a foyer and the stairs lead up to Princess Carolyn's office.



Princess Carolyn starts VIM off as an agency in Season 3, but it shuts down after being unable to meet yearly earnings.

The company re-established itself as a management company in That Went Well.

Season 2[]

Originally, Princess Carolyn and Rutabaga Rabitowitz were to open VIM together in Out to Sea.

Princess Carolyn and Rutabaga visit the location where they're going to open their agency. Just when Princess Carolyn believes everything is perfect, Rutabaga's wife Katie Rabitowitz texts him. Princess Carolyn learns that they are trying to work things out, even though Rutabaga has been sleeping with Princess Carolyn for the past three months. Rutabaga tells Princess Carolyn that nothing has to change because he is definitely going to divorce his wife.

Princess Carolyn packs her stuff from her old office and she and Rutabaga go out to tell everyone that they're leaving when they learn that Mr. Witherspoon had a stroke. Rutabaga still decides to tell their coworkers that they can "stroke his big, hairy....," and the scene cuts to him and Princess Carolyn in the elevator. Princess Carolyn is concludes, "Well we burned that bridge."

While in the elevator, Rutabaga tries to kiss Princess Carolyn, but she tells him that she doesn't want to do that anymore. Rutabaga tells her she's a single woman in her forties, so she shouldn't be picky and probably won't find another guy who will love her like him. Also, if she keeps holding out for something better, she's going to be alone for a long time. Princess Carolyn is struck by the realization that she's not afraid of being alone, telling Rutabaga as much, and she decides to start the new company without Rutabaga, which she can do because the company is in her name.

Princess Carolyn also offers Diane Nguyen a job as a social media coordinator, which Diane accepts. Princess Carolyn also brought along her former assistant Stuart to the new company.

Season 3[]

In Start Spreading the News, Princess Carolyn's company is shown for the first time and it's revealed that she named it VIM. Princess Carolyn still represents Mr. Peanutbutter and BoJack Horseman and she has a new, very organized assistant named Judah Mannowdog.

In Brrap Brrap Pew Pew, Diane accidentally writes, "I'm having an abortion" on Sextina Aquafina's Twitter page. Diane gets fired, but the backlash from the public results in tremendous support for Sextina's openness on the subject. Sextina becomes an inspiration to many women, even educating people in a tasteful way, resulting in Diane getting hired again.

Season 4[]

In Ruthie, while at the jewelry store, Princess Carolyn meets up with Charley Witherspoon, who mentions to her about the offer he made last year to merge companies. According to Charley, Judah told him she wasn't interested, which is news to Princess Carolyn. She tries to get Judah to confess to it, but he does not confirm the situation.

In her office, Princess Carolyn starts drinking alcohol when Judah comes in. She confronts him about the offer Charley made, and Judah admits that he was only trying to protect her. Princess Carolyn, however, is angry that he lied to her, and fires him as her assistant.


Season 5[]

In BoJack the Feminist, At VIM, Vance Waggoner is upset with Princess Carolyn, because the whole point of the Forgivie award was for people to stop talking about his past; and now because of BoJack, everyone is talking about his past. BoJack retorts back, that they should've had better cheese, at the award show. Princess Carolyn assures Vance, that they'll fix everything, by having BoJack go on TV to clear everything up.

BoJack goes on the talk show The Squawk and tries to explain what happened, however, the hosts don't really let him speak; but he ends up taking a stand against Vance due to the positive reception it gets. This angers Princess Carolyn. After she calls Vance, and he tells her he's not doing Philbert anymore, since he did indeed get better offers. She then tells BoJack "they're gonna take Vance down."

In Ancient History, Mr. Peanutbutter visits Princess Carolyn at VIM and tells her that since season one of Philbert has wrapped, he wants to option a greeting card, which says, "Happy Birthday Dad" with a father dog and his kids—for a movie, Birthday Dad. Princess Carolyn is understandably confused but says that she'll look into getting the film rights. However, she realizes that she's going to have to talk to Ralph again.

Season 6[]

In The Horny Unicorn, at VIM, Todd, and Maude convince Princess Carolyn to let them open a daycare for the office employees. Princess Carolyn tells Todd they can carpool and Maude and Todd announce they are moving in together. Princess Carolyn congratulates them.

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 12.46

Later, Diane gets a call from Princess Carolyn who asks her how the revisions are going. Diane tells her they are going well and usually by this stage she hates everything she has ever written. However, she feels like this book isn't terrible. Princess Carolyn asks about writing a sequel.

Diane says that while she had fun working on this book she's a grown-up writer, and tries to tell Princess Carolyn about her interest in Eleanor Roosevelt. Princess Carolyn cuts her off and tells Diane that if she's interested in books that people will actually read she'll write the Ivy Tran sequel.

BoJack tells Princess Carolyn he needs a job offer, to which she bluntly tells there are no offers for him. BoJack begs her for help because he's broke and homeless, and she finally tells him she can get him a small role on Birthday Dad. BoJack then tells her to have his pages delivered at the fancy hotel he's staying at. Princess Carolyn then tells him he's not staying at a fancy hotel because he just told her he's broke and homeless. BoJack then questions who else would have him, he winds up living with Mr. Peanutbutter.

Todd walks in with Ruthie and the other babies he is nannying for and asks Judah for advice on what he should do about the sophisticated party he is throwing to impress his parents. He tells Judah he has no sophisticated friends or furniture in his new apartment. Judah then offers Todd a "What Would Todd Do" in this situation advice.

Judah tells Todd that he would scour VIM's talent list for underemployed actors and tell them they've been hired for a site-specific theater piece as cosmopolitan partygoers. He would then invite just enough real friends to lend it to an air of legitimacy and then raid the Birthday Dad set for furniture. Todd then declares he is brilliant and has done it again.

In Angela,  Princess Carolyn questions Judah on whether he is in a band. She tells him she saw the flier and heard others around the office say they were going to his gig. Judah says he thought about inviting Princess Carolyn but didn't want her to feel obligated. Princess Carolyn then receives a phone call from Lenny Turteltaub. Lenny tells her he wants her to run Turtletaub's new female-focused studio division called Girtletaub, indicating that the studio is in trouble due to two decades worth of executive sexual harassment.

Lenny also tells Princess Carolyn her reputation for success is exactly what he needs to front the female-centric production company. Princess Carolyn asks if Lenny wants her to pitch her dream movie studio and he tells her he needs the pitch by tomorrow morning. Princess Carolyn then asks Judah to get her box office numbers. She tells him they need firm financial figures to frame how fans flock to films with female leads. They then list off the titles of several films. Princess Carolyn then asks Judah about his gig and he reassures her he has time as what they are working on is important.

Later, Judah tells Princess Carolyn he's completed a projection of female-led films over the past five years. Judah says it is encouraging yet vague as he needs to know the specifics of her dream slate. Princess Carolyn sounding discouraged wonders if she ever had dreams, to begin with. She tells Judah if he leaves now she can still make his show. Judah tells her it's his job to be at work when she is.

Princess Carolyn then advises Judah not to give his whole life to this job because if he does one day someone will finally ask him what he wants and he'll realize he doesn't even know anymore. Judah says okay to this and Princess Carolyn apologizes for missing it. Judah tells her that missing it will make eye contact easier for them tomorrow which Princess Carolyn laughs at.

Princess Carolyn is attempting to type her dreams on her computer. She picks up the flyer from her desk and decides to go to Judah's concert. When she gets there his bandmate announces that their lead singer had to go back to work and therefore they will be playing only instrumental versions of their songs. Princess Carolyn subsequently leaves and heads back to VIM.

Later, Princess Carolyn is surprised to find Judah working in her office. Judah tells her he would rather be with her. Princess Carolyn then asks Judah if he thinks she's an idiot for not working for Turteltaub and he tells her he'd never think that. Princess Carolyn then says they could get financers and do it themselves. Judah tells her "if there is one thing he's learned it's to never underestimate what [Princess Carolyn] can do for herself." Princess Carolyn then says not all by herself. Princess Carolyn then asks Judah to play her one of his songs. He then plays a romantic song for her on his guitar and confesses that he loves her which Princess Carolyn smiles at.


Judah's love confession in Angela

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