So the Season 5 trailer hasn’t dropped yet, so I’m gonna list a few predictions I have.

  • In Zoës and Zeldas, Wayne told Diane to call him when she realized she and Mr. Peanutbutter weren’t right for each other. Maybe she will?
  • Hollyhock will read Butterscotch's book to learn about him
  • BoJack recently posted this on his social media.
    BoJack Twitter pool August 25 2018

So in Stupid Piece of Shit, BoJack wonders to himself "Is my house on a slant or something?" when he pushes Beatrice in her wheelchair away but she rolls back. Maybe BoJack's house collapses or something and he has to move into this one? His house already has poor architecture there’s no way you could have a pool over a thin balcony that’s over a freaking cliff

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