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  • Lil'lappy713

    Season 5 Thoughts

    January 5, 2019 by Lil'lappy713

    Hey guys! I know this is like four months late but I’m kinda bored rn so I’m gonna give my thoughts on Season 5! (Spoilers, duh)

    So Season 5 was pretty good! Although

    I didn’t like it as much as Season 4, and it didn’t have as many gut punching moments as the others (is it weird I WANT a show to make me depressed?lol). Like only Free Churro made me emotional on the level of Ruthie from last season, and nothing really hit me in the gut.

    Not even the eleventh episode, at the end I was just like “Oh jeez” but it wasn’t really heavy/hard to sit through like the other eleventh episodes for me. Maybe it was because I feel we should have had a LITTLE more time spent on Gina.

    I definitely dont agree with reviews and critics saying this is the darkest…

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  • Lil'lappy713

    So the Season 5 trailer hasn’t dropped yet, so I’m gonna list a few predictions I have.

    • In Zoës and Zeldas, Wayne told Diane to call him when she realized she and Mr. Peanutbutter weren’t right for each other. Maybe she will?
    • Hollyhock will read Butterscotch's book to learn about him
    • BoJack recently posted this on his social media.

    So in Stupid Piece of Shit, BoJack wonders to himself "Is my house on a slant or something?" when he pushes Beatrice in her wheelchair away but she rolls back. Maybe BoJack's house collapses or something and he has to move into this one? His house already has poor architecture there’s no way you could have a pool over a thin balcony that’s over a freaking cliff

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  • Lil'lappy713

    So one of the first things we ever learned about Beatrice was that she is the heir to the Sugarman Sugarcube fortune/Company.

    But the thing is, did she actually inherit it?

    I mean, the sugar wrapper BoJack holds in S4E2 says “Currently owned by the Fukusaka family of International Conglomerates” (not even sure what that is lol). So did Beatrice not inherit the fortune? BoJack never even mentions owning it.

    He did say that she “was” the heiress, so was Beatrice not allowed to inherit the Factory because she got pregnant by Butterscotch, a commoner? Or was it because she was a woman and her father was incredibly misogynistic. Or was it because 10 or so years before her father died her son became a famous sitcom actor and even before that Butte…

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  • Lil'lappy713

    So the Season 4 trailer dropped today

    So BoJack has been gone for 3 months

    Mr. Peanutbutter is still run for governor and Katrina is working for his campaign. He also appears to have a tough Beaver campaign rival. It looks Peanutbutter and Diane's relationship is going to have problems as we see them in a physical fight (not sure if this is played for laughs or serious, if it's the latter it could affect his campaign as it could get leaked to the public or something like that.) That part reallly stuck out to me because Peanutbutter is growling at her, which once again this fight could be played for laughs since he's doing a dog thing during this, but if it is serious this will be very surprising since it's not like Mr. Peanutbutter to get v…

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