KagaInTheSky KagaInTheSky 6 April 2019

Mr. Peanutbutter's Alimony and Diane's Living Situation

So, a friend of mine just caught up on the show last night, and he pointed something out to me and another friend of ours: shouldn't Mr. Peanutbutter be paying alimony to Diane? And if so, why is Diane still living in a shithole? 

Now, it was made very clear in this debate that none of us really knew what we were talking about (none of us had been married before, much less divorced), and there's only so much you can learn about California divorce laws from a few quick google searches. But, based on my minimal understanding of California law that I have gained thanks to said google searches, it does appear that PB should be paying alimony to Diane and that she shouldn't have to live in such a crappy apartment. 

At the time I jokingly said som…

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