Having watched the most recent episodes in season 6 and waiting until Friday for the rest of the season to release I can't help but be very nervous, on the brink of scared or frightened. I want Bojack to become happy and I want the ending to not be bittersweet but I can't help but feel the end of the show will leave me more sad for Bojack than anything. Will him trying to redeem himself end in failure, depression, relapse or even suicide? I'm also curious about the younger characters, as they seem to be on the same track as Bojack though not as bad. I'm super curious where the F-bomb is gonna be dropped in this season, will it finally be a good one? 

Regardless of how it ends, Bojack has been a great and relatable show. I'm happy to see how far Bojack, Diane and everyone else has come. Taking personal accountability for their own feelings and striving for a better life is something that's great to see and I hope they end up leading happy, fulfilling lives. If not imma cry yo, this show coming to an end makes me feel my age. 

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