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Trip Carson is the son of Charlotte and Kyle Carson, and the brother of Penny. He appeared in Escape from L.A., in Season 2.


In the time period of Escape from L.A., although his age was never explicitly stated, Trip was in the throes of puberty. As such, he is constantly amused or bewildered, by his body's changes and has frequent erections.

It is unknown what his personality is like currently.

Physical Appearance[]

During the time period of Escape from L.A., Trip was a teenage boy with brown hair, thick brown eyebrows, a prominent nose, and freckles on his cheeks.

He wore a white t-shirt, red and brown striped zip hoodie, yellow, white, and navy athletic shorts, and red, grey, and white lace-up sneakers.

It is unknown what he looks like currently as an adult.


Season 2[]

Trip is the second and only son of Kyle and Charlotte. Being the youngest of the Carson siblings, Trip is the only member of the family, who does not question BoJack's visit to Tesuque.

At the breakfast table, his sister Penny gets disgusted at Trip’s erection while he is solving a cereal box maze.

He plays for his school's basketball team but complains that he is not good enough to be taken off the bench, by his coach.

As the younger brother, he was going through puberty during Escape from L.A.

Season 6[]

In Good Damage, Trip and his father Kyle are heard watching Birthday Dad in the background when Penny is talking to Charlotte in the kitchen but he is not seen.