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Trauma is a one-time location in BoJack Horseman. It is the trendy clothing store Diane visits in Good Damage, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

Trauma is a trendy clothing store catered to young women inside the mall in Chicago, Illinois. It has a black exterior with the store's name written in pink capital letters and a window display advertising their 40% off sale with an orange poster with white lettering and a cat mannequin.

The interior is mostly pink with pinstripe wallpaper. There are various clothing items on hangers on the walls and fitting rooms in the back. There is also a checkout counter.


Season 6[]

In Good Damage, Diane is seen attempting to start the draft of her books through the crude sketches. She has trouble sorting out her ideas. She then gets distracted seeing two women walk into a trendy clothing store called Trauma that is having a spring sale.

Diane is seen in the fitting room trying on a yellow tube top which does not fit her. Diane peeks out the door and asks a sales associate if they have a larger size. The associate tells her they don't use clothing size numbers at Trauma. Diane gets frustrated with this and puts her own shirt back on.


  • Diane's inspiration for the character Ivy Tran comes from the real cashier named Ivy.