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S4ep09 (0m10s)-The Pig Bang Theory

Torf's class seen in Ruthie

Torf is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. He is a classmate of Ruthie's. His only appearance is in Ruthie, in Season 4.


Torf is a classmate of Ruthie and a fictional character created by Princess Carolyn. He seems to be very annoying, constantly pestering Ruthie and asking her questions. Mrs. Teachbot is constantly telling him to be quiet. Little else is known about him.

Physical Appearance[]

Torf is a young male green turtle. Since this episode takes place many decades from the future, he wears advanced technology, which will seemingly be normal by then.

He wears a gray cap with a blue holographic beam coming out the top. The cap has a lens that is in front of his left eye. He wears a jumpsuit with bright red top and orange bottoms. He has a checkered maroon and red pattern on his sleeves.

He wears gray boots with teal laces and soles.


Season 4[]

In Ruthie, Torf constantly asks Ruthie questions, most to do with the difference between a manager and an agent. To which Ruthie always responds with "A manager can produce, while an agent cannot." Whenever he asks a silly question or something not related to the lesson, Mrs. Teachbot always tells him to be quiet.


  • Torf bears resemblances to Lenny Turteltaub, in terms of face shape and species. Therefore he may be of Turteltaub descent. It has not been confirmed though.
    • This would also explain why Ruthie and Torf argue, much like their relatives.