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These are the quotes from Tom Jumbo-Grumbo

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

That Went Well[]

Tom: For anyone who has just joined, actress and pop-star Sarah Lynn has died at age thirty-one.

Season 4[]

Commence Fracking[]

Tom: Mr. Peanutbutter, your wife has issued a challenge. Would you allow fracking in your own backyard?

Mr. Peanutbutter: I would.

Tom: Joining us now via Periscope is Frankie Flackery, foreman and spokesyak for Flackery Will Get You Everywhere industrial drilling company.

Flackery: Hey, how are ya?

Tom: Flackery Flack, let's talk frack.

Lovin that cali lifestyle!![]

Katrina : Before Woodchuck, the hands belonged to one Ernest Contralto, a criminal. The man was a pedophile murderer.

Tom: Well, if you gotta murder somebody

Katrina: No, Tom. Not a pedophile-dash-murderer. A pedophile-slash-murderer!

Tom: Oh, no! The way you said "slash" was very scary!

Season 5[]

Season 6[]

The Kidney Stays in the Picture[]

Tom: .....And they even let the birthday boy pilot the airplane. There were no survivors. [Tom solemnly puts his hand on his chest and then he continues] In other news, the newly formed Guild of Hollywoo "Guild of Assistants" to negotiate terms for a standard agreement.