Tina Bear is a minor and recurring character in BoJack Horseman. Her first appearance is in The Telescope, in Season 1.


While not much is known about Tina's character, she seems to deeply care about those she's looking after and is often sweet and compassionate towards them and their friends/family.

Physical Appearance

Tina is an adult female brown bear.

According to the model sheets, she is 6 ft tall.

She is shown wearing light blue hospital scrubs and white sneakers.



Tina was a live-in for Herb Kazzaz and later Beatrice Horseman. She appears to have a caring, almost maternal personality. She wears scrubs and likely has a nursing degree.

Season 1

She was a close friend to Herb Kazzaz, when he was alive, and was very sad about his passing; and gave a speech at his funeral as well.

She communicates, mostly through growls and grunts, and seems to understand English; although she does not speak it.

Season 4

Tina model sheet

She was shown to be Beatrice Horseman's caretaker in Season 4.


  • Tina speaks with growls, however, some bears in the show can speak clear English.
    • She does seem to understand everyone around her speaking English though.



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