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These are the quotes from Time's Arrow, the 11th episode of Season Four

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Beatrice: Slow down Henrietta! A lady mustn't rush. It's unbecoming

BoJack: I'm not Henrietta, I'm your son!

Beatrice: My son is a ball of gas!

BoJack: Yes! I'm him, I'm the ball of gas!

Beatrice: But, you're also a star.

BoJack: Wait! Mom do you remember..

Beatrice: Shh! Henrietta I'm talking to the sun! (Looks to the sun at her left) Sun, you're a ball of gas but you're also a star! We call you, sun!

Joseph: I don't care if you're scared of Clemilia Bloodsworth and her gaggle, you have to go to school! Now stop making books your friends! Reading does nothing for young women but build their brains which takes away valuable resources from their breasts and hips.

Joseph: Beatrice! You're looking well. Which is just fine cause your debutante party is vitally important!

Beatrice: Will it end poverty, war and injustice, or bring back civil rights activist Medgar Evers, who was shot in Mississippi this week?

Joseph: Yes, or rather it will end you worrying about that nonsense because it will land you a husband (Beatrice turns around as Joseph puts her pearl necklace on her)

Beatrice: At least Evers death means no one else will be assassinated this year, 1963. The FBI is on too high alert to allow anything like that to happen again


Beatrice: Do I know you?

Butterscotch: Nope, just crashing some dumb debutant's party. (Laughs)

Beatrice: Oh, do you mean dumb to describe the party or the debutante? Because I might agree with you or I might be offended.

Butterscotch: You're the dumb debutante aren't you?

Beatrice: Beatrice Sugarman. Welcome to my dumb party.

Butterscotch: Butterscotch Horseman, charmed I'm sure.

Beatrice: You want me to leave my own party with you? The lowlife who wasn't even invited?

Butterscotch: Yeah. But I suppose daddy wouldn't like that, would he?

Corbin: Oh geez I'm boring you

Beatrice: Not at all! I don't find you boring, only the things you choose to talk about and the way in which you talk about them...

Butterscotch: Say, did you ever hear the story of the couple who moved to California?

Beatrice: I can't say that I have.

Butterscotch: Oh it's a marvelous adventure! You see, they hardly knew each other but they shared a certain sensitivity and a taste for the unknown they were living in a one horse town, they headed west, towards a new town that could accommodate 3 horses.(holds Beatrice's hands)

Beatrice: Oh yes I think I have heard this story! They got a small house in San Francisco, near the book store...

Butterscotch: He got in good with Squirrelengetty and his scurry!...

Beatrice: He wrote his great American novel...

Butterscotch: While his wife took care of the baby!

Beatrice: His wife? Oh, well I didn't hear about that part

Butterscotch: (stands up) Well, I mean, if she'd have him. (Grabs Beatrice's hand and pulls her up, and holds both of her hands)If a beautiful creature like herself could ever love an oaf like him.

Beatrice: I think she could....

Butterscotch: Yeah?

Beatrice: Well isn't that how the story goes?

(The two passionately kiss)

Butterscotch: Well if Squirrelengetty and his hoard of Comme-Liberal-Jew loving rejects knew what good writing was, I'd be able to sell something!

Beatrice: Oh so they're all wrong and you're right!

(BoJack is still crying, and the two groan)

Beatrice: (Gets out of bed) Why won't you just take that corner office job at Sugarman west instead of breaking your back all day at the cannery and then maybe you could afford me some decent help around here!

Butterscotch: You want me to work for your father and get paid for it like some sort of slave?!

Beatrice: That is the opposite of slavery!

Butterscotch: Is it?!

Beatrice: Yes, it is! You have no facility for language!

Beatrice: BoJack?

BoJack: Mom?!

Beatrice: BoJack?! Is that you?!

BoJack:'s me.

Beatrice: What...huh...what is this place?

BoJack: This is where you live now.

Beatrice: Nooo,is it? Nooo.

BoJack: Mom.

Beatrice: Where are we BoJack?

BoJack: I just told you...

Beatrice: I don't understand. Where....where am I?

BoJack: You're.....In Michigan.

Beatrice: Michigan?

BoJack: Yeah. At the lake house.

Beatrice: I am?

BoJack: And it's..uh.. a warm summer night, and the fireflies are dancing in the sky,'re whole family is here...and they're telling you that everything is gonna be alright.

Beatrice: (Smiles as she hears this) Yes,that's right. What else? BoJack: (Sits down on the bed) The crickets are chirping, and the lake is still, and the night is full of stars.

Beatrice: I can see it, it's so clear! Wh...What are we doing here, BoJack?

BoJack: We're sitting on the back porch, and we're listening to your brother play the piano, and we're eating ice cream. Vanilla ice cream.

Beatrice: Yes, that's right! Oh, it's all so marvelous.

BoJack: Can you taste the ice cream, mom?

Beatrice: Oh, BoJack. It's so delicious.


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