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BoJack and Hollyhock visit Tilda on set of her show Timedium in Commence Fracking

Tilda Madison is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. She is best known for her show Timedium. She only appears in Commence Fracking in Season 4.

 Physical Appearance[]

Tilda is a light grey sphinx cat woman with a white patch going down her nose and chest, a light grey snout, long ears, and blue-grey eyes, and pink freckles below her snout.

She is seen wearing a deep purple, collared, deep v-necked wrap shirt, tucked into a black skirt, lilac belt, and light purple high-heeled ankle boots.

She owns multiple wigs, that she wears as her character, on her show.


Little is known about her personality but Tilda seems to have a calm demeanor, matching her show character's persona.


Season 4[]

In Commence Fracking, Hollyhock and BoJack go searching for Hollyhock's biological mother.

BoJack admitted to having sex with a lot of women in 1999.

He first suspects a woman named Marcy Jerominek, the former president of his fan club, seeing as she was a "poking holes in the condom type."

However, this turns out not to be the case.

Hollyhock and BoJack decide that they have to go to visit every woman in order to find out which one could be Hollyhock's mother.

BoJack takes her to see Tilda Madison, who is best known for her show Timedium.

They meet her on the set of her show, and she reveals he did get her pregnant, but she got an abortion after getting a check of $200 from BoJack.

BoJack is relieved, saying that he'd go back to the past, and prevent this whole situation if he could, because he doesn't need any more of him running around.

BoJack tells Hollyhock she's great and cool, but the world does not need more of him but, it would have been better if the pregnancy hadn't happened. This upsets Hollyhock and she runs out.

BoJack then proceeds to tell Tilda her show sucks.



  • If Tilda had not aborted her child, they would have been the same age as Hollyhock.