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The Squawk is a talk show based on The View. It is shown in BoJack the Feminist in Season 5.


Season 5[]

BoJack Horseman goes on this show in BoJack the Feminist to explain his misinterpreted reaction to Vance Waggoner at The Forgivies award ceremony.

However, the hosts of the show constantly interrupt him and don't give him a chance to speak.

He does end up taking a stand against Vance, due to the positive reception it gets.

He states that chocking women is wrong—which receives applause and positive reception from the audience.

This angers Princess Carolyn, but after she calls Vance and he tells her he's not doing Philbert anymore since he did indeed get better offers, she tells BoJack they're going to take Vance down.


Name Role
Paloma Munoz-Liebowitz Host
Marylin Macaw Host
Not Named Host
Not Named Host


The squawk 2

BoJack takes a stand.

  • The talk show appears to have a similar format and is inspired by The View:
    • The difference being that the hosts and audience seem to be female birds, for the most part.
S5ep4 SQUAWK's Audience

SQUAWK's audience