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The Laugh Shack was a comedy club that existed in the 1980s, hosted by Bubbles. It is first shown in a flashback in The Telescope in Season 1. Its first and only present day appearance is in The Horny Unicorn, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

The Laugh Shack is a comedy club and bar.

The exterior of the building has the names of all the real-life voice actors and creative staff who have worked on BoJack Horseman, on a maroon awing in white cursive lettering.

There is a neon yellow circle-shaped sign that has the logo of the club in blue lettering on the roof of the building.

The interior walls are brick, also it has a stage where stand-up performers do their routines, bar which has bar stools, a long wooden counter, and a neon sign that reads "The Laugh Shack" in bright red letters.


The exterior of The Laugh Shack



It is noteworthy for being the place where BoJack first met Herb and Charlotte, and where Herb's talent was discovered by Angela Diaz, thus leading to the creation of Horsin' Around.

Season 1[]

In The Telescope, it is revealed one of BoJack's first gigs was performing stand-up at The Laugh Shack. After one of BoJack's performances, Herb Kazzaz introduced himself to BoJack and took on a sort of mentorship role to him, as he and BoJack were both stand-up comedians and Herb was more experienced. The Laugh Shack is also where BoJack met Charlotte, who worked at the Laugh Shack bar and who was Herb's girlfriend at the time.

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 7.54

Younger Herb, Charlotte, and BoJack

During one of Herb's performances, Charlotte pointed out to BoJack that "the suits" from ABC were present in the audience, including Angela Diaz. Charlotte noted that they were nodding, which she said was "the executive version of laughing." Sometime after the show, the ABC executives invited Herb to an event at LACMA where he pitched Horsin' Around to them.

Season 6[]

In Xerox of a Xerox, BoJack drives till he reaches The Laugh Shack. He walks up to a wall by the dumpster and sees an outline of his younger self drawn on the wall. He steps inside of the outline and the scene flashes back to a younger Herb and BoJack back in the 80s where Herb is tracing an outline of BoJack while he stands by the wall. BoJack states he is ready to never do stand up comedy again and he asks Herb if he'll put him in his TV show and Herb reassures him that the network loves him.

Herb just goes on to tell him the network needs him to do a screen test as a formality. BoJack questions why he has to do it and Heb asks if he thinks he's too good for it. BoJack says it's fine. Herb then tells BoJack to hold still so he can finish drawing the outline. He says BoJack may never get a star on the walk of fame or a wax statue but this way he'll be immortalized forever.


Herb immortalizes BoJack on the wall of The Laugh Shack in a flashback from Angela.

Back in present-day, BoJack walks up to a Wall of Fame where pictures of previous guests who performed at The Laugh Shack are showcased. BoJack walks up and finds his own picture. He is then approached by another male horse who tells him he hated Horsin' Around. He then tells BoJack his baby brother loved it and anytime he hears about the show it reminds him of his brother's laugh.

The other horse then asks him if he wants to go up on stage and perform a comedy routine and BoJack tells him he hasn't done any standup comedy in years. The horse goes on to say even if BoJack isn't very good now people will eat it up because he's a celebrity. BoJack declines the offer and the other horse walks off.

BoJack then notices his interview with Biscuits is airing on the TV at the bar he then sighs sadly as he walks off.

Later, BoJack is seen doing a stand-up routine at The Laugh Shack which receives positive reception from the audience.


  • A tribute to everyone who has worked on the show is on the awning of the building. The names include:
  • The exterior looks similar to The Comedy Store, which is located in West Hollywood, California.