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This article is about The Horny Unicorn (Film). You may be looking for the Season 6 episode, The Horny Unicorn.

The Horny Unicorn is an upcoming film starring BoJack Horseman and directed by Vance Waggoner.  

Production & Development[]

Season 6[]

In The Horny Unicorn, at the diner, BoJack gets dinner with Vance Waggoner. He shows Vance Hollyhock's letter and tells him he is scared to open it, and he feels that as long as he doesn't open it Hollyhock is still in his life. Vance tells BoJack it's good to have people in his life to remind him of why he's sober and that's what his daughter is for him.

BoJack then asks Vance if he has a horn because people keep looking at him like he's a freak. Vance then tells BoJack if that's the case he's the ugliest unicorn he has ever seen. This then leads them to make jokes about an ugly unicorn, which in turn leads to the initial idea of "The Horny Unicorn."


Vance and BoJack discuss The Horny Unicorn

Vance is convinced to turn this into a movie, with him as the director and BoJack as the titular unicorn, but BoJack is unsure as he's not exactly the guy people want to see in movies right now. Vance then tells him people don't want to see him as Secretariat or raising orphans but they would love to see him in a movie being a rude character saying things that polite society does not have the courage to say.

He tells BoJack this is how he gets adoration back and finds his way back in because deep down the Horny Unicorn character is wounded and misunderstood—it's not his fault he is the way he is and people are going to see that. Vance tells him he knows BoJack needs the money and asks when will he stop punishing himself. BoJack then smiles at this.

Later, in the car, BoJack asks Vance what he's supposed to do. He knows he has made mistakes but wonders if that implies he needs to go away forever. Vance then tells BoJack this is the part when he figures out who his real friends are and leaving behind all the people who can't stop seeing him for his past mistakes, and they need to make The Horny Unicorn because it'll make a billion dollars and drive all those people crazy. BoJack finally admits it would be good to have something to keep him busy.

In Angela,  BoJack is in his trailer on the set of The Horny Unicorn. He is seen pouring Vodka from his water bottle into a glass. BoJack then gets a call from Angela Diaz. She tells BoJack they've met before. There is then a brief flashback to Angela talking BoJack out of leaving Horsin' Around after Herb is fired. BoJack then harshly says he remembers her. Angela tells him his interview with Biscuits made her nostalgic and she invites him over to her house. She then tells BoJack there is something she's been meaning to ask him. BoJack asks what it is and Angela asks if he'd like to find out before hanging up.

In Nice While It Lasted, BoJack tells Princess Carolyn he's offended he wasn't important enough for her real wedding but he's flattered to be invited to her industry one. Princess Carolyn tells him The Horny Unicorn is trending like crazy and all of Hollywoob is buzzing about his comeback. BoJack tells her he's not sure he should start any more projects and tells her he started a drama program at prison and he's thinking about volunteering there when he gets out. Princess Carolyn tells him that sounds fabulous.

He then starts talking about other opportunities and he didn't think he had any because a year ago people in this town hated him. Princess Carolyn tells him people have short-term memories and assures him that she's sure he'll come to a decision.


Actor ... Role
BoJack Horseman ... Horny Unicorn
Vance Waggoner ... Director


  • It is likely the film will be released sometime in 2021, though it isn't directly specified.