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The Girl Who Came In From The Rain is an "immersive product placement journey" created by Kelsey Jannings for Chicken-4-Dayz. It stars Ella as the lead role. The poster and the ad is seen in A Quick One, While He's Away, in Season 6.


Season 6[]

In A Quick One, While He's Away, as HollyhockTawnie, and Trey are walking, the camera zooms in on ad of Ella (A fictional character) driving in the rain. The ad comes to life and she steps out of the car and walks in through the door and starts shouting. Her father tells her to calm down and that they're having the finger-lickin' chicken blasters for dinner.

Kelsey Jannings is in a meeting in the editing room for the new Chicken-4-Dayz "immersive product placement journey" she is directing. She is questioned about why it is not as Chicken-4-Dayz focused as it seemed in the outline stage. Kelsey asks if she should include a closeup of the bucket and she is told that would make it seem much more like a commercial.

Kelsey is told that their target demographic responds poorly when they feel like they are being advertised to. However, they love stories that engage them on their level and utilize themes of inclusivity and dunking the olds.

Kelsey says they are already done shooting the immersive product placement journey, however, she can maybe find takes that are in more of a dunking tone and shots that highlight more prominently but do not feature the chicken-bacon finger-blasters. Kelsey is then thanked for sharing her vision.


  • According to the poster, the "immersive product placement journey" is aired on Gronkle, the same network Wanda Pierce is president of.