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Tesuque High School was the high school Penny Carson attended in during the time period of Escape from L.A., in Season 2. It is located in Tesuque, New Mexico.

Physical Appearance[]

The only part of Tesuque High that is shown is the gym which has a basketball court and bleachers. It is seen with a booth for the DJ and prom decorations such as balloons and streamers. There is also a table with a punch bowl.


Season 2[]

In Escape from L.A., BoJack stays with the Carsons for two months, living in his boat in the driveway. One night, during dinner, Penny gets annoyed at a dad joke Kyle tells, and she eventually storms up to her room. BoJack and Charlotte go to talk to her.

Penny reveals she is upset since Diego never asked her to prom. She was the one who asked him, but he rejected her for another girl named Lyla K. BoJack says he'll take her, because it'll make Diego jealous, and she'll have a better time with him. Penny agrees.

On prom night Charlotte and Kyle take pictures of Penny's prom group. This includes her and BoJack, and her two friends, Maddy, her current best friend, and Pete Repeat, who repeats things he says (a running gag throughout the episode is that he forgets to do this). Penny drives them to prom. When BoJack finds out that Maddy is drinking a flask filled with Red Bull and whiskey he orders Penny to go to the liquor store so she can have real alcohol.

At prom, Penny is sad over seeing Diego with his date, and Maddy becomes drunk. BoJack tries to perform his "Do the BoJack" song from the 90s, but the teenagers reject it and he stops. He suggests to Penny and her friends that they just leave. Penny says they can't just leave prom. BoJack says that they can do whatever they want because they're young, and no one ever tells you that before it's too late. They leave, and they go out to the desert and release balloons with glow sticks attached to them.