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Teddy is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. He was a businessman at ABC and a work colleague of Angela Diaz. He appears in Angela, in Season 6.  

Physical Appearance[]

Teddy was a human man with combed over brown hair, a prominent nose, and bushy eyebrows.

According to the model sheets, he is 6 ft tall.

He was seen wearing a light pink button-down shirt, purple and black striped necktie, grey dress pants and sports jacket, and black dress shoes.


Teddy may have been somewhat sexist as he is seen partaking in a rude joke with some other men in an elevator. Little else is known about him.


Teddy Model Sheet (Angela Diaz seen on left)


Season 6[]

In the episode Angela, there's with a flashback from the 1994Angela Diaz gets into an elevator at ABC where a bunch of businessmen are making a fatphobic and sexist joke. Angela is told they are just coming back from a 90s-themed birthday party. Angela steps off the elevator with a man named Teddy and tells him she doesn't like him going to birthday parties behind her back.

Teddy then tells her he was doing reconnaissance for her. He also says there is a concern that she's a "single career gal." Teddy then tells her ABC is supposed to be a family network and Angela says she understands families. They then get a fax on the fax machine and Teddy reads it and asks "Does he?" He hands the fax to Angela who replies "Oh, Herb."


  • In the Spanish version, his last name is Buttles lo dice en el mismo episodio (hagan esto de una mejor manera porfavor).