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Team Chavez is the collective name given to the twelve (later thirteen) assistants briefly hired by Todd Chavez in A Little Uneven, Is All, in Season 6.


Season 6[]

In A Little Uneven, Is All, BoJack calls Todd, and one of Todd's assistants named Georgette answers. Todd then says BoJack is probably wondering about Georgette. BoJack says no. He then explains he can't perform his normal "Todd functions," since he became Ruthie's nanny, and stuff has been falling through the cracks. BoJack then asks if Todd hired an assistant.

Todd says assistants are like Deadpool movies. He says he couldn't just stop at one, though he probably should have, and now has twelve of them. BoJack then asks in disbelief about Todd hiring twelve assistants to help him. He then talks about each of the assistants and their various assigned roles: Bella, who is responsible for making new goofy dances, Pedro, who is responsible for making sure Five Guys has the "right number of guys" and Sylvia, who is responsible for checking All About That Ace every fifteen minutes.

BoJack asks what that is. Todd explains it's his asexual dating app, but as for right now, he is the only user. BoJack says that makes as much sense as the rest of it. BoJack tells him he is leaving rehab shortly, and he admits with some difficulty that he can not do this alone. Todd then says he's got BoJack's back and tells him to wait a jiffy.

BoJack is packing his things when he is startled by a woman in his room. She introduces herself as Casey and says she's an assistant, sent by Todd, to be BoJack's new best friend. BoJack says he's good, then admits that's kind of thoughtful. Casey explains Todd said she'd be ideal because he could be mean to her, and he wouldn't have to feel bad—because that's what she's getting paid for. She says she is flexible and can make herself into whatever BoJack needs.

Casey picks the vodka-filled water bottle and asks for a sip. BoJack stops her, and snatches it away, telling her not to drink it. She then says she must earn hydration, and apologizes. BoJack explains the bottle is filled with vodka. She asks with concern if he thinks it's a good idea, to keep vodka in rehab. She then smiles and says it is a good idea if BoJack thinks it is.

He explains it's not for drinking, he keeps it as a reminder. Casey asks what it is supposed to be a reminder of.

He then has a flashback. Once it returns to present day, he tells Casey that he keeps it, because he thinks he's special and the rules don't apply to him, and he keeps thinking that repeatedly. Casey cheerily tells him that he is special. BoJack tells her he's terrible, and that all her past bosses are terrible.

He says she soothes their egos and lets them abuse her. Casey takes a step back and says she's terrible. BoJack tells her that's not his point, he then harshly tells her to have some respect for herself. She sheepishly apologizes and says she's just happy to be a part of things. BoJack then tells her that's how they get you. He then apologizes and says it's not her fault. He then asks her to get him Funyuns, but she refuses and walks out while texting on her phone. BoJack says he likes her energy but doesn't understand what's happening.

Later, Todd's assistants leave him, and Georgette explains that the assistants are now unionizing. Todd yells that he has grown too dependent on them, and has basically become a toddler.

Known Members + Jobs:[]

Name Role
Casey Hired by Todd to take care of BoJack, the most prominent assistant of them all. She is not one of the original members of Team Chavez.
Georgette Responsible for answering Todd's phone and holding the phone up for him to talk.
Bella Responsible for making new and goofy dances.
Pedro Responsible for making sure all the Five Guys franchises always has the right number of guys.
Sylvia Responsible for checking All About That Ace every fifteen minutes for new notifications.
Other Assistants Various other tasks.


  • Only five out of the total twelve are actually named:
  • Casey is not actually an original member of Team Chavez. She was hired by Todd last minute to assist BoJack.