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Sugarman Sugar Cube Company, sometimes known as Sugarman's Sugar, was a company run by BoJack's maternal grandfather, Joseph Sugarman, and of which his mother Beatrice inherited a fortune from, which was eventually frittered away by Butterscotch by the time of his death.

In modern times, it is owned by the Fukusaka Family of International Conglomerates. 



Sugarman’s Sugar was founded around 1916, according to the wrapper from the sugar cube BoJack uses in The Old Sugarman Place, which begins in 2016. It is unknown if Joseph Sugarman himself founded the company or inherited it from his relatives, though it is most likely the latter. An illustration of Beatrice as a little girl is on the front of the sugar cube wrappers.

The Old Sugarman Place 39

BoJack seen looking at the Sugarman Sugar wrapper in The Old Sugarman Place

Joseph was married to Honey Sugarman, and they had two children: the eldest son Crackerjack, born around 1923, and younger daughter Beatrice, born in 1938. The company made them very well off financially.

They all lived in Michigan and would stay at a lakefront cabin, in Harper's Landing during the summer. Joseph mentions having to return to Indianapolis for work, which puts up for debate where the Sugarman's lived, as their car license plate was for Michigan, though the company may have just had a location in Indianapolis.

In the early 1940s, after the United States entered World War II, the government began rationing goods such as sugar, which Honey mentions at one point.

Despite owning a sugar company, Joseph and Honey discouraged Beatrice from eating sweets, especially ice cream. Honey told her instead to eat a lemon wedge with sugar sprinkled on it as "a good healthy girls' snack," while Joseph was keen on keeping her thin due to society's high standards for women.

Crackerjack was shot and killed in World War II, limiting Sugarman's Sugar of an heir to the company, and Honey was lobotomized shortly after to combat her grief and hysteria. This happened shortly after she had a meltdown at a party that led to a car crash with Beatrice, which enraged Joseph, who angrily told his wife he can't sell sugar while she's having fits of hysteria.

In 1963, in order to secure a partnership with Creamerman's Creamy Cream-Based Commodities to raise profits, Joseph attempted to marry Beatrice off to Corbin Creamerman, her chaperone for her debutante and the son of Mort Creamerman. He even came up with a jingle——"Have your morning coffee or tea, with Sugarman and Creamerman but save some for...these fellas!"

However, this fell through after Beatrice, wanting to rebel against her father, ended up getting pregnant by Butterscotch Horseman, a rebellious young horse and aspiring author who crashed her debutante, after having a one night stand with him. The two ran off to San Francisco, where their son BoJack was born.

Joseph gave Butterscotch numerous offers for a cushy six-figure desk job. However, Butterscotch, being the stubborn narcissist he was, refused, as he resented the upper class and thought the struggles of the working-class would make his pipe dream novel better. Finally, when BoJack was six-years-old, Beatrice forced him to take the job, making them a lot wealthier and helped Beatrice regain some semblance of the life she once had.

In both of Beatrice's appearances in Season 1, someone refers to her as the heiress to the Sugarman Sugarcube fortune. Beatrice also calls herself this in Thoughts and Prayers.

Joseph Sugarman died in 1999, with Honey Sugarman dying sometime between 1965 and 1998. Beatrice did inherit a fortune, although by Butterscotch's death in 2009 he had frittered it all away and left her in debt, forcing her to sell their house and move into a retirement home. She died in 2018

BoJack took no interest in the company or its fortune, likely because he was already rich from starring on Horsin' Around.

Today, due to the writing on the sugar wrapper in The Old Sugarman Place, it is theorized that when Joseph and Honey died, the company was taken by Fukusaka Family of International Conglomerates. However, it is unknown what events transpired and the time frame that ultimately leads to them taking over the company.