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4x10 (17-57) Stuart & PC - VIM

Princess Carolyn and Stuart in Lovin that cali lifestyle!!

Stuart is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. He is Princess Carolyn's assistant who replaced Laura. He is first seen in Brand New Couch, in Season 2.


Stuart is an obnoxious and snobbish man, he doesn't seem to try very hard in dilemmas. He seems to be somewhat clumsy as well since he broke the urn which contained Herb's ashes.

His intelligence is also questionable as he doesn't seem to catch on that having the opposite half of the medallion that Tracy has means she is his twin sister despite almost being exactly alike in every way.

Physical Appearance[]

Stuart is an adult human man with curly brown hair, thick brown eyebrows, and freckles on his cheeks, and a pair of thin-framed rectangular glasses. He has a slight resemblance to Tracy, the adoption caseworker who could possibly be his long-lost twin sister.

According to the model sheets, he is 5 1/2 ft tall.

He wears a lilac collared button-down shirt with a white floral print, a thin deep purple necktie, dark brown belt with silver buckle, light brown dress pants, and maroon loafers. Under his shirt, he wears the right half of a medallion with his family's crest on it.



Stuart was Laura's replacement as Princess Carolyn's assistant in Season 2 until he was replaced by Judah Mannowdog in Season 3. After Judah was fired in the Season 4 episode Ruthie, Stuart became Princess Carolyn's assistant again.

Season 2[]

In Brand New Couch, At VigorPrincess Carolyn is talking with Vincent Adultman on the phone. BoJack interrupts to say hello and to brag about his new positive lifestyle. He discovers Princess Carolyn fired her assistant, Laura, and replaced her with a less competent man named Stuart.

In The Shot, Stuart suddenly opens the door to the janitor's closet, which startles Princess Carolyn and Rutabaga, and they act like they weren't doing anything and just looking for closet supplies. Stuart tells Princess Carolyn a toilet needs to be unclogged. He implies she should do it, because she's in a janitor's closet, much to her annoyance.

In Out to Sea, Stuart accidentally breaks the urn with Herb's ashes.

Season 3[]

Stuart makes a cameo in That Went Well.

Season 4[]

Stuart makes a cameo in Thoughts and Prayers.

In Lovin that cali lifestyle!!, Stuart reminds Princess Carolyn about the pitch meeting to

Stuart is seen in What Time Is It Right Now.

Season 5[]

In The Stopped Show, Princess Carolyn calls Stuart to draft an e-mail to Biscuits Braxby to set up an interview, but she puts him on hold when she gets a surprise call from Sadie, who is in the hospital in labor.

On the Philbert set, as she is getting things ready for the interview, Princess Carolyn gets bombarded by Stuart, who brought along Tracy from the adoption agency, as she was in Princess Carolyn’s office and wanted to talk to her. Tracy asks her why she isn't in North Carolina getting her baby, and Princess Carolyn assures her that she needs to handle the PR problem first, and afterward, she'll catch the first plane to North Carolina.

Tracy then tells her if she's too busy for a child, she won't give it the attention it deserves—revealing her own mother worked all the time, making her feel all alone. She never met her dad or twin brother, because their parents separated when they were babies, leaving her with half of a gold medallion.


Alledged estranged twins Tracy and Stuart in The Stopped Show

Stuart interrupts her saying "[Tracy's] story is boring, and who hasn't been separated from their twin and still wears their half of a medallion." He then reveals he wears the matching half to Tracy's medallion, but they don't catch on.

Season 6[]

In The New Client, Princess Carolyn then asks her assistant, Stuart to clear her schedule, as she needs to find a new nanny. Stuart then reminds her, about the Manatee Fair photoshoot, for the Hollywoo Women Who Can Do It All Issue. Princess Carolyn asks when the shoot is happening, and he tells her it is happening right now. Stuart tells her that he was supposed to remind her yesterday.

In The Kidney Stays in the Picture, On MSNBSea there is a news segment about meeting with industry power-brokers to negotiate terms, for a standard agreement. Stuart and Casey McGarry are seen on the news. Casey is being interviewed about the HGA negotiations. She says she is optimistic about the coming talks and confident they can avoid a strike. She goes on to say their demands are reasonable, and their services are crucial to the industry.

Casey, Stuart, and some other assistants are seen in a conference room with Lenny Turteltaub. He tells them he wants to wrap it up quickly and then asks what they want. Casey says they have one request, to not be treated like garbage. The other assistants all nod in agreement. Lenny then says they are at an impasse.

Princess Carolyn and Lenny then look at photos of various agents in order to find positions to promote them. Later, they look at Stuart's photo.

Princess Carolyn and Lenny then meet with Stuart. Stuart says he is sure the other assistants are coming soon. He says traffic is probably bad because of the rain. Princess Carolyn then tells him no one else is coming, and Lenny tells Stuart they all got promoted. Lenny goes on to say his leadership has abandoned him and the strike is over. Stuart just accepts and just says okay. Lenny tells him he gets none of the things he asked for and starts work again on Monday. Stuart just shrugs and says the sounds fair. Stuart asks if he signs the contract will he get promoted too. Lenny says sure, someday.

Princess Carolyn flashes back to when she was an assistant. Coming to a realization, she tells Stuart not to sign the contract. She then tells him that she just remembered there was a typo on page twelve. She says she wrote Billy Bob showers instead of billable hours. Lenny then tells her that's not going to fly since that guy hasn't showered since Bad Santa. Princess Carolyn then tells Stuart she'll fix a new version for him and he can sign it tomorrow. She then offers to show him to his car.

Once they are outside, Stuart confesses to Princess Carolyn he doesn't actually have a car, he just felt under pressure because he's never had to decide to go somewhere before. Princess Carolyn questions why they walked several blocks in the rain. She then offers him a business card. Stuart misunderstands thinking she is making him an offer. She then explains it's a phone number. Stuart then asks for a ride home.


  • Tracy (twin sister; though unlikely they ever caught on)

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