Stuart is Princess Carolyn's assistant who replaced Laura.


Stuart is an obnoxious and snobbish man, he doesn't seem to try very hard in dilemmas. He seems to be somewhat clumsy as well since he broke the urn which contained Herb's ashes.

Physical Appearance

Stuart is an adult man with curly brown hair, thick brown eyebrows, and freckles on his cheeks.

He is noticeably more realistic than some of the other characters on the show and has a slight resemblance to Tracy, the adoption caseworker who could possibly be his long-lost twin sister.

He wears a lilac collared button-down shirt with a white floral print, a thin deep purple necktie, dark brown belt with silver buckle, light brown dress pants and maroon loafers.


Stuart was Laura's replacement as Princess Carolyn's assistant in Season 2, until he was replaced by Judah Mannowdog in Season 3. After Judah was fired in the Season 4 episode Ruthie, Stuart became Princess Carolyn's assistant again.


  • Tracy (twin sister; though unlikely they ever caught on)
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