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He's not exactly the romantic type, but he's got those eyes you just can't say no to, you know what I mean?

Sadie to Princess Carolyn, The Amelia Earhart Story


Dennis "Strib" is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. He is the ex-boyfriend of Sadie and the biological father of Ruthie. He is seen briefly in The Amelia Earhart Story, in Season 5.

Physical Appearance[]

Strib is a brown teenage North-American porcupine with a muscular build. He has a darker brown snout and white quills sticking out all over his chest, and arms. The white quills on his head vaguely resemble a spiky mullet style hair-do.

He wears a white tank top that reads "Proud 2B Strib" in bubble lettering which has the letters outlined in blue and red, a pair of dark blue jeans, and grey lace-up sneakers.


Season 5[]

Strib is Sadie's ex-boyfriend who got her pregnant with their daughter Ruthie, adopted by Princess Carolyn right after she was born. Strib initially is shown to want to raise their daughter in The Amelia Earhart Story.

He shows up at Sadie's church's potluck, on his red ATV, and demands she give him another chance telling her that "[he] loves her, or whatever."

Princess Carolyn tries to get Sadie's attention, but isn't able to, in the midst of the chaos Sadie's family telling her what she should say.

However, it is revealed he and Sadie later broke up, by Sadie; when she is talking to Princess Carolyn in The Stopped Show while going into labor. She then tells Princess Carolyn to rush down to Eden to pick up her baby before she changes her mind.


Strib comes to the church potluck to talk to Sadie, in The Amelia Earhart Story.

Princess Carolyn first had to deal with a PR problem involving an incident on the Philbert set.

However, Tracy from the adoption agency bombards her, by asking why she isn't in North Carolina. Tracy tells her that if she's too busy to be a mom, she shouldn't feel like she has to be one, and should just live her life. Princess Carolyn gets flustered and demands her to leave.

Philbert is canceled, after sexual allegations against Henry Fondle, and Princess Carolyn immediately rushes to North Carolina afterward.

She is seen in the hospital, holding her new daughter, Ruthie.

Sadie asks her what she's going to name her, and a love-struck Princess Carolyn replies "Untitled Princess Carolyn Project." Sadie replies "But not really, right?"


  • Neither he nor Sadie's last names have been given.