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Steve D'Mazio is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. He is an ex-boyfriend of Emily and a fireman who she met through her fireman dating app. His only appearance was in The Light Bulb Scene, in Season 5.

Physical Appearance[]

Steve is a muscular human male with tan skin and spiky brown hair which is shaved at the sides. He has stubble on his cheekbones and chin and a prominent jawline.

He is seen wearing red suspenders with navy fireman pants with neon yellow and grey trim at the bottom and a pair of black work boots.


Steve has a calm and friendly demeanor and is mostly laid-back. He is mainly used as eye candy for Emily to date. She brings up the sex is great but there is no connection.


Season 5[]

In The Light Bulb Scene, Emily and her buff firefighter boyfriend, Steve, are out to dinner with Yolanda and Todd. Todd thinks up the idea to create a dating app for asexuals. Yolanda says asexuals who aren’t also aromantic are a small user base, but Todd says it's a great idea.

He states that otherwise, asexuals would just settle for other asexuals that they meet, even if they have nothing else in common. Yolanda defensively says that could be a good thing.

Steve is mentioned again in Ancient History.