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The are the quotes for Stefani Stilton

Season Four[]

The Judge[]

Stefani: It looks like Princess Carolyn won’t need any cat ears to look evil.

Season Five[]

The Stopped Show[]

Stefani: Diane! What have you been up to? Tell me everything.

Diane: Actually, I've been working on a book of essays...

Stefani: Okay, I was obviously asking to be polite, and it's very rude of you to assume that I care. I have news that's actually interesting...

Stefani: You know what your problem is? You hold everyone to an impossible standard, including yourself. It’s super helpful for writing heartache shakedowns, and clickbait takedowns—but totally toxic for your personal life and internalized sense of self-worth, girl.

Diane: But shouldn’t we be asking more of ourselves and the people in our lives?

Stefani: Of course. But we all fail Diane. The world is unforgiving enough as it is. The least we can do is find ways to forgive each other and ourselves.