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Princess Carolyn almost adopting Bridget's son in Ancient History.

St Bernard Medical Center is a recurring location in BoJack Horseman. It is a hospital first shown in Yesterdayland, in Season 2. It is last shown in a flashback from A Horse Walks into a Rehab, in Season 6. It is the hospital where Sarah Lynn died from her heroin overdose.

Physical Appearance[]

St Bernard Medical Center has tall concrete walls with square and rectangular window panels. Its reception building is low-lying and square, while the main hospital room buildings are tall and rectangular.


Season 2[]

In Yesterdayland Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane are at St Bernard Medical Center getting his cone off. They agree to go to Storky's as they are getting a free sandwich because they've visited it eighty times in the past month. Mr. Peanutbutter says he always agrees to go to it because he knows Diane loves it. The doctor charges him $6000 for removing his cone.

Season 5[]

In Ancient HistoryPrincess Carolyn is at St Bernard Medical Center with Ralph. They talk about their breakup, and how Princess Carolyn wanted Ralph to call her after they broke up. Ralph said he assumed she didn't want to talk to him, as she had told him to get out of her apartment.

Princess Carolyn jokes that the lesson is to never listen to her. Tracy comes and takes her to see her new baby.

Princess Carolyn cradles the baby. The birth mom, Bridget, says she was nervous and felt guilt about adoption, but she's happy that her son is going to a good family—thinking that Ralph and Princess Carolyn are together as a couple. Ralph agrees with what Bridget said. However, Princess Carolyn tells him not to lie.

Ralph says he wants them to be a family, because they wanted it a year ago, and he still wants it. However, Princess Carolyn tells him that she's ready to do this by herself because raising and loving the baby will give her the power to do so.

Unfortunately, this inspires Bridget to want to raise the baby on her own, so she asks for the baby back. Princess Carolyn then reluctantly hands the child back to his birth mother.

Bridget then calls Princess Carolyn inspiring, as she shows her son affection, and asks if Princess Carolyn can "Be [Bridget's] mom too?"

Season 6[]

In A Horse Walks into a Rehab, the episode starts with a flashback from 2016, which shows the circumstances surrounding Sarah Lynn's death. BoJack's voice is heard, calling out Sarah Lynn's name twice. He is then seen standing outside the planetarium. A stretcher is being wheeled into an ambulance.

BoJack then heads over to the hospital where he tells Sarah Lynn's mother, Carol, and stepfather he got a phone call from Sarah Lynn and she sounded a little off. He then says he found Sarah Lynn passed out, and called an ambulance, but he was too late. Carol then says it's all her fault, and she's a terrible mother. Her husband tries to comfort her, saying no one is at fault, as they walk away.

BoJack is then approached by Meow Meow Fuzzyface, who questions him if he might have any idea, where Sarah Lynn might have gotten the heroin from. Fuzzyface says he has no further questions from BoJack. BoJack responds he has no idea, however, he does know she was doing a lot of drugs. BoJack says that's just who they both were as people. He elaborates, saying they both thought they could party forever, and it wouldn't catch up with them.

BoJack says he was in a bad way of life, and Sarah Lynn followed him down that path because she thought he was a safe place. BoJack then questions what he has done. Fuzzyface says he gets what BoJack is saying, but the case is now closed, and BoJack can stop rambling. Fuzzyface then walks off. BoJack says he needs to make changes to his life—starting right then. He then goes to his car and opens the door and drugs, notably heroin, several empty bottles, and a bottle of liquor fall out. BoJack quickly picks up the bottle and chugs the contents.