Some Lady is a minor and recurring character who co-hosts Excess Hollywoo along with A Ryan Seacrest Type.


She is the blonde and bubbly, perky adult human female co-host of Excess Hollywoo.

Not much is known about her personal life.

Physical Appearance

Some Lady is an adult woman with wavy blonde hair, plump pink lips and purple eyeshadow.

She wears a red sundress with white flowers on it, a thin brown belt around her waist with a gold belt buckle, two grey bangles on her left wrist, and one gold bangle in her right wrist, and a pair of black high heeled pumps


Some Lady is a co-host of the talk show Excess Hollywoo along with A Ryan Seacrest Type.

She is replaced by An Actress or Something after being kidnapped, which A Ryan Seacrest Type laughs off.


Television & Movies

Title Role
Excess Hollywoo Host
Flight of the Pegasus Not Known




Some Lady with A Ryan Seacrest Type


Some Lady credited on poster in an unknown role in Flight of the Pegasus

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