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So Why The Long Face? Is an original BoJack Horseman song that is played during the montage at the beginning of the series finale, Nice While It Lasted.


Season 6[]

In Nice While It Lasted, So Why The Long Face plays in the background during the montage.

In BoJack's old house, in the living room, the last scene of Horsin' Around plays on a TV showing how The Horse died from the orphans not loving him enough. There is no audible dialogue. There is a pan out from the TV screen showing the mess of glass shards, broken vodka bottles, melted ice cream coming from a carton, and knocked over plants on the floor.

On the couch, there is a spilled bag of chips, drugs, a stack of Horsin' Around Blu Rays, a remote, and a blanket. The new family who lives there arrives home and they are shocked to find the mess. From the window, BoJack is seen floating facedown in the pool with an opened canister of drugs.

The newspaper runs a story about BoJack's breaking and entering. There is then a cut to him waking up in the hospital in police custody by Officer Fuzzyface. Tom Jumbo-Grumbo is broadcasting about BoJack's trial in a segment called "The Court Before the Horse."'' BoJack is seen walking into court with his lawyer.

The BoJeebes Kid appears on Biscuits Braxby's show, in a tabloid, and in an interview with A Ryan Seacrest Type.

Sarah Lynn's mother Carol and her stepfather are seen in a segment with Tom where Carol holds up a framed picture of eighteen-year-old Sarah Lynn while her stepfather puts his arm around her.

There is then a cut to BoJack's trial and a sloth attorney testifies against him.

Pinky is seen reading the L.A. Gazette and articles about the BoJeebes Kid and BoJack's trial are shown.

BoJack is in prison and his inmate is a male skunk. He goes to the prison window and holds on to the bars and looks out from them.


I'm running through the pages and they start to turn

In love with the life I had not the one I've got

Tell me I'm the good guy

I wanna come in first

Here is celebrity at his worst

So why the long face?

Cause I don't wanna live here

In this sunny place

Running from my time

So why the long face?

Because I've been losing I really could use you on my side

So why the long face?

So why the long face?

So why the long face?

So why the long face!