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Smoodies are a PB Livin' idea and are described in Later as a "mood you can drink.”


Season 1[]

S1ep12 (18m12s)-Lady In Red

Launch party for Smoodies shown in Later

In Later, Todd works with Mr. Peanutbutter on business ventures they brainstorm on the fly. Todd is continually making new ideas up with his love of wordplay, while Mr. Peanutbutter is continually entertained by Todd's ideas and has the capital to start them despite never following through with them. After abandoning their first idea of a Halloween store during January, Mr. Peanutbutter throws a large launch party for "Smoodies" at his house without an actual product behind the idea.

Season 2[]

In the beginning of Brand New Couch, Bojack makes and drinks a Smoodie, made from a blender with the label "Smoodie BLEND" on it and PB Livin's logo. Among other buttons, there are five colored buttons on the blender with different faces on it, denoting different moods. Presumably, you're able to create a certain type of Smoodie after you select the respective mood button.

Screenshot (2956)

Sarah Lynn seen using her Smoodie blender in That's Too Much, Man!

Season 3[]

In That's Too Much, Man!, Sarah Lynn is shown to own a Smoodie blender.


  • It's possible it could be some type of food product though it's never specified.