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This article is about The Whale World stripper, Gina. You may be looking for the Philbert actress Gina Cazador.

Skinny Gina is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. She is a stripper at Whale World. She plays a prominent role in BoJack Kills, in Season 3.


Gina has a very confident and sassy personality. She brushes off the news of Nadia's death since she saw it coming. Little else is known about her.

Physical Appearance[]

Gina is an adult female orca. She wears blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick.

She wears a turquoise short-sleeved crop top with a tie front, purple panties, and turquoise platform heels.


Season 3[]

In BoJack Kills, BoJack and Diane show up at Whale World in order to find the orca whale they called on Nadia's phone, Skinny Gina. BoJack and Diane are spotted by Goober, who initially believes that BoJack came to see him after so many years, only to be disappointed when BoJack can't even remember his real name. Diane requests to see Skinny Gina, to which Goober obliges, but not before clarifying that he doesn't employ strippers and that the establishment is family-friendly.

Gina shows up, prompting mild gawk from BoJack. Diane states that they simply need information regarding Nadia, to which Gina denies under the pretense that she needs to keep working, suggesting that they buy a private dance. Diane is clearly disgusted at the idea, but BoJack accepts, pretending that it's the only way, so they might as well do it.

They go to the Blow Hole room where Gina is ironically performing a lap dance on Diane, much to the latter's dismay. Diane and BoJack speak to her regarding Nadia, and Gina responds by telling them that a lot of innocent orca girls end up at Whale World, and end up dead because of the poor influences they experience.

BoJack asks if she knows anything about Nadia's association with Cuddlywhiskers, to which she says she doesn't know, having never met the latter, only knowing that his house has been abandoned for months. She then reveals that Cuddly used to have a "system" involving large amounts of women coming to his home, but states that she's given them too much info. She asks them to come back later for an after-hours party, telling them to mention that they've "got BoJack" in order to get inside easily.


  • Her last name is unknown.
  • Whale World is meant to be a social commentary on how Orcas and other sea creatures are held in captivity in attractions such as Sea World.
  • After Whale World was shut down due to Ritchie's arrest, the dancers ended up becoming Cabracadabra drivers.