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Sir Mix-a-Lot is a minor character based on the real-life rapper of the same name who appears in The Judge, in Season 4. 

Physical Appearance

Sir Mix-a-Lot is an African-American human man with early signs of aging on his face and thick black eyebrows. He has a black mustache, beard, and goatee.

He wears a collared navy blue button-down shirt, grey pants, and white sneakers with blue stripes. For accessories he wears a brown cowboy hat, sunglasses, and a gold chain pendant.

For his role in Felicity Huffman's Booty Academy: Los Angeles he wore a judge's robe over his regular attire and a white wig.

S4E08 Sir Mix A Lot Model Sheet

Sir Mix A Lot Model Sheet


Season 4

In The Judge, it is revealed FHBA stands for Felicity Huffman’s Booty Academy, and it involves "judging girls butts."

Felicity says that’s not the point and that’s superficial, despite the fact they have Sir Mix-a-Lot as a judge, although he claims he was hired because he is famous for not being able to lie.

Sir Mix-a-Lot questions why Hollyhock isn’t in school, and after BoJack says he should mind his own business, Hollyhock reveals she graduated early and is taking a gap year.


  • He was cast as a judge because "he can not tell a lie."
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