Silver Spoon Diner

Silver Spoon Diner

Silver Spoon Diner is a diner first shown in the pilot. It is a reoccurring location throughout the series.

Physical Appearance

Silver Spoon Diner is a diner is a maroon building with stone siding and large glass windows. The sign at the top of the building has a marron border with the words "Silver Spoon" written in gold cursive lettering and the word "DINER" written in maroon block lettering.

The interior has booths for seating.


Season 1

In the pilot, BoJack meets with Pinky Penguin there to discuss the state of his book.

Season 2

Season 3

In It's You, Roxy and Diane are seen eating at Silver Spoon Diner. Diane complains about BoJack, and Roxy asks why Diane bothers seeing BoJack anymore, seeing as she no longer works for him. Roxy expresses her concern about Diane's "weird fixation" with BoJack, but Diane repeatedly avoids talking about it by changing the subject to the water being served during the drought.

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

In The Face of Depression, BoJack and Todd meet there. BoJack says his house is a reminder of how awful he's been, which Todd agrees to. Todd then takes a bunch of selfies which he says are for his asexual dating app, he explains he wants to stay current, for when someone besides himself joins.

BoJack sounding somewhat disinterested agrees that he needs to stay current. Todd then says he can finally fill in space for a job because he is now a nanny. BoJack observes Todd has really gotten into his role as a nanny. Todd expresses his love of it and says it's amazing holding a baby and thinking they are perfect. BoJack says he can't imagine.

Todd then goes on to say someone probably held him and thought the same thing. He then asks what happened. BoJack questions what he means. Todd then says moms are weird. BoJack then agrees and says moms are weird. Todd then questions if BoJack will keep getting lunch with his friends. BoJack then tells him about the stewardess at the AA meeting who talked about waking up in a different place every day. BoJack then says he thought that sounded perfect, as every city would have a clean slate.

In The Horny Unicorn, BoJack gets dinner with Vance. He shows Vance Hollyhock's letter and tells him he is scared to open it and as long as he doesn't open it Hollyhock is still in his life. Vance tells BoJack it's good to have people in his life to remind him of why he's sober and that's what his daughter is for him.

The cow waitress then hands BoJack his moldy sandwich and tells him the chef made it just for him. Inside the sandwich is a note that reads "DROP DEAD" in block red letters. BoJack then asks Vance if he has a horn because people keep looking at him like he's a freak. Vance then tells BoJack if that's the case he's the ugliest unicorn he has ever seen. This then leads them to joke about "The Horny Unicorn." Vance tells BoJack that is brilliant and they should turn it into a movie. He'll direct it and BoJack will star as The Horny Unicorn.

BoJack then tells Vance he's not exactly the guy people want to see in movies right now. Vance then tells him people don't want to see him as Secretariat or raising orphans but they would love to see him in a movie being a rude character saying things that polite society does not have the courage to say. Vance then tells BoJack this is how he gets adoration back and finds his way back in.

He goes on to tell BoJack that deep down the Horny Unicorn character is wounded and misunderstood. It's not his fault he is the way he is and people are going to see that. Vance tells him he knows BoJack needs the money and asks when will he stop punishing himself. BoJack then smiles at this.

In Nice While It Lasted, during the car ride, after he picks BoJack from prison, Mr. Peanutbutter asks BoJack if he's going to wear his everyday attire to the wedding. BoJack explains these are the clothes he went in with and didn't realize he would be going to a wedding in a year. Mr. Peanutbutter then takes BoJack to a store to buy him a suit. While in the store, Mr. Peanutbutter asks him what he's in for. BoJack replies officially it's breaking and entering but he believes it's kind of for everything. BoJack then says he's hungry and suggests they go to the diner for lunch.

At the diner, BoJack asks if Mr. Peanutbutter spends a lot of time with Judah and Princess Carolyn as a couple. Mr. Peanutbutter tells BoJack he sees Princess Carolyn a lot at Birthday Dad events. Mr. Peanutbutter then tells him Judah mostly stays home with Ruthie. Mr. Peanutbutter questions if he thought Princess Carolyn would marry BoJack. BoJack responds he thought it would be with no one because he wasted the best years of her life.

Mr. Peauntbutter responds that the best years of her life are happening now and BoJack says the joke's on him because he couldn't even waste the correct best years of her life. BoJack says he was shocked Princess Carolyn managed to get him out of prison for the weekend. Mr. Peanutbutter asks when he's getting out for real and BoJack responds that it'll be a few months.

Mr. Peanutbutter asks what his plans are once he gets out. BoJack says his only goal currently is not to screw up this weekend. Mr. Peanutbutter reassures him he won't screw it up. BoJack replies he's sure he'll find a way to mess things up. He then splatters his meatball sandwich on his new suit and then asks Mr. Peanutbutter to buy him another suit.


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