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Shirley D'Catfish is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. She is the wife of Abe D'Catfish. Her only appearance is in Yes And, in Season 2.


Shirley seems to be very ecstatic about Abe and BoJack's film, Secretariat. Little else is known about her.

Physical Appearance[]

Shirley is an adult female catfish. She has cyan blue scales with a pink patch on her upper body. She has teal spots all over her body and teal barbells. In addition, she has plump pink lips. She wears a heavy purple eyeshadow.

She wears a navy green strapless dress with minimalistic white flower patterns. Over the dress, she wears a shiny gold bolero. She wears yellow high heels with yellow bow-ties on top.


Season 2[]

In Yes And, BoJack and Wanda are having dinner with Abe and his wife. Shirley asks about them finishing Secretariat soon, to which Abe reveals they have one week left of filming.

Wanda reveals BoJack is doing a play in New York after they finish. However, BoJack says he can't wait to work on something good and insults the movie, saying it's a piece of shit. Abe is angered by this and decides to extend filming with re-shoots to spite BoJack, which also prevents him from going to New York.

BoJack is confused as to why this offended Abe because he was the one who said they weren't making Casablanca. It turns out Abe meant this literally because Casablanca already exists and the movie is about Secretariat.

At BoJack's house the next day, BoJack is explaining the misunderstanding when Wanda questions why he would antagonize Abe. BoJack tells Wanda she's probably glad since she didn't want him to go to New York, and now he's stuck here filming a movie that’ll ruin his career.