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Shannon is a recurring minor character in BoJack Horseman.

 She is Tom Jumbo-Grumbo's ex-wife. 

Physical Appearance[]

Shannon is a red squid woman with six arms and light pink lips. 

She is only seen in her wedding photo with her ex-husband Tom, dressed in a white wedding gown and veil.



Shannon married Tom during the 90s, back when he still had wavy dark brown hair and eventually divorced him. Tom constantly insults Shannon while on-air and then will quickly retract the statement and apologize for his earlier statements.

Season 2[]

Shannon is first mentioned in the episode Chickenswhen Tom is interviewing Michael Morgan, Chicken-4-Dayz CEO, about the female chicken that escaped the farm. 

Michael specifies that the escaped chicken is not to be seen as a friend or any ordinary person and that is it not socialized for the outside world, in which Tom responds that she sounds just like his ex-wife.

Seconds later, he immediately apologizes and showing a picture of their wedding day, he tells the audience that he actually shared fourteen beautiful years with her. Tom then goes back to the interview. 

In the episode Hank After Dark, the news anchor talks about the visit of Prince Gustav in Los Angeles. Reading the teleprompter, he says that the prince is a ruthless despot, but he'd still rather share a bed with him than his ex-wife. 

Realizing what he just said, an annoyed Tom tells Shannon that he actually didn't mean it and retracts his earlier statement. 

2x05 Tom and Shannon Wedding

Tom and Shannon's wedding day photo


  • The broken marriage between Tom and Shannon might be a reference to the movie The Squid and The Whale a film about two boys dealing with the divorce of their parents.
  • She is referenced many times throughout the series through her wedding photo.