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Sarah Lynn's Stepfather is a minor, recurring character in BoJack Horseman. He first appeared in That's Too Much, Man!, in Season 3.

Physical Appearance[]

Sarah Lynn's Stepfather is a brown bear with a slender figure, light brown snout, and a black nose.

He is seen wearing a grey pantsuit; collared button-down shirt; red, navy, and yellow plaid necktie; amber-tinted glasses; and shoes.

He speaks in a raspy, high-pitched voice that sounds almost like growling, similar to Tina Bear. However, unlike Tina, he can speak proper English and form coherent sentences.


Little is known about Sarah Lynn's Stepfather's personality. On the outside he appears cordial, imploring Sarah Lynn to come home during the Oscars and consoling his wife after Sarah Lynn's death. However, it is heavily implied he is a secret pedophile as Sarah Lynn's accounts of him suggest he had inappropriate relations with her while underage.



Sarah Lynn's Stepfather is a "photographer" and he home-schooled his stepdaughter Sarah Lynn.

It is implied that he was sexually abusive to her during her childhood, as Sarah Lynn mentions knowing what bear fur tastes like.

Season 2[]

It is not known when exactly he married Sarah Lynn's mother. During Joelle's flashback in Still Broken, a young Sarah Lynn refers to the bear as "her mom's boyfriend."

The flashback takes place when a young Sarah Lynn was still acting on Horsin' Around, which ran from 1987-1996. From this, it can inferred that Sarah Lynn's mother and her mother's boyfriend were still unmarried and just dating during the show's early years.

Season 3[]

In That's Too Much, Man!, Sarah Lynn wins an Oscar but is not present at the awards show to accept it because she's on a month-long bender with BoJack. Her stepfather appears at the awards show to accept it on her behalf. 

Season 6[]

In A Horse Walks into a Rehab, he is seen in a flashback, which shows the circumstances surrounding Sarah Lynn's death after the events of That's Too Much, Man!

BoJack's voice is heard calling out Sarah Lynn's name twice. He is then seen standing outside the planetarium. A stretcher is seen being wheeled into an ambulance.

BoJack then heads over to the hospital where he tells Sarah Lynn's mother Carol and stepfather he got a phone call from Sarah Lynn and she sounded "a little off." He then says he found Sarah Lynn passed out and called an ambulance, but he was too late.

Carol then says that it's all her fault and that she's a terrible mother. Her husband tries to comfort her by saying no one is at fault as they walk away.

He is mentioned in A Little Uneven, Is All as Sarah Lynn has to get her hair done in BoJack's dressing room as her stepdad was "being weird" in hers. This is another implication of his inappropriate behaviors.

In Nice While It Lasted, he and his wife Carol make a cameo on the news where they hold up a framed photo teen Sarah Lynn.