That's too much, man!

—Sarah Lynn's catchphrase as Sabrina on Horsin' Around

Suck a dick, dumb shits!

—Sarah Lynn's catchphrase as an adult

I wanna be an architect...

—Sarah Lynn's final words, That's Too Much, Man!


Sarah Lynn, born Sarah Himmelfarb (1984-2016), was a troubled pop star and former child actress who played the Horse's precocious adoptive youngest daughter Sabrina on the fictional 90s TV show Horsin' Around and was a recurring character in BoJack Horseman.

She makes her most prominent appearances in Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3 up to her death from a heroin overdose in That's Too Much, Man!.

Her death becomes one of the main issues in Season 6, which revolves around the events after her death and BoJack's involvement.

Physical Appearance

Sarah Lynn had light brown hair, pale skin, seafoam green eyes, and light brown freckles on her cheeks and nose.

During the present day in the series, her bangs were worn styled over the left side of her head, she wore red lipstick, had dark circles underneath her eyes, and she had a tattoo on her right arm of a green and blue snake twisted around one another.

She wore a button-down top with blue sleeves and collar, one side being light purple with white skulls, and the other side having a lavender and white striped pattern. She also wore short black jean shorts and yellow high top sneakers.

In the early 2000s, at age eighteen, during the early part of her singing career, she wore an outfit in a similar style worn by pop stars such as Britney Spears during that era. She wore a white crop top, aqua blue low-rise skinny jeans with hot pink thong straps that hung around her hips, and open-toed purple high-heels.

As a child on Horsin' Around, she had shorter hair with bangs and her two front teeth stuck out. She wore a white t-shirt underneath pink short overalls with a pink headband and purple jellies with straps.

As a pre-teen, she wore a near-identical outfit but swapped her jellies for light purple floral sneakers, the sleeves on her shirt are rolled up, and she had more prominent lips along with her overbite being gone.


As a troubled thirty-year-old pop star, Sarah Lynn appeared on the surface to be selfish, reckless, and self-centered, acting like a bratty teenager.

In the episode Prickly-Muffin, she makes a public scene in a furniture store by stabbing herself with a bayonet and defecating on a sofa. She also trashed BoJack's home while throwing wild parties and constantly took advantage of him.

She was often seen on her phone and was pretty irresponsible with her actions, such as in Prickly-Muffin when she had holes drilled in BoJack's wall for a "cocaine sex booth.” She also set his ottoman on fire with no motive whatsoever.

Other appearances show her acting erratically. Sarah Lynn was constantly seen taking drugs such as cocaine or drinking heavily in public. She is also seen crushing up a bunch of pills and snorting them, or inhaling spray paint fumes with a paper bag. Besides her drug addiction, she is seen driving recklessly, as she painted her toenails on the steering wheel.

However, Sarah Lynn was lonely and troubled and was obviously suffering from substance abuse. Most of the people in her life only wanted to be around her because they wanted something out of her. She was concerned about what people thought of her.

Sarah Lynn was quite intelligent and had a strong passion for architecture. She dreamed of being an architect her whole life, but this dream was never achieved due to being forced into a life of fame and substance abuse at a young age. At several points in the series, she uses architecture terminology and demonstrates her knowledge of the subject.

Flashbacks to her childhood and preteen years on the set of Horsin' Around shows she did not have good parental figures, as her mother was a controlling stage parent who forced her into show business and shot down any of her dreams that weren't related to fame (such as her dreams of being an architect). Her stepfather was a bear and a "photographer," and it is implied he sexually abused her as Sarah Lynn "knows what bear fur tastes like," as mentioned in Still Broken. He also homeschooled her, which isolated her from kids her own age.

The later seasons of Horsin' Around show Joelle openly showed resentment towards her, due to her popularity getting her more screen time. In the present Sarah Lynn returns this, acting hostile towards her by insulting her weight and trying to attack her.

She looked up to BoJack off-screen as a father figure, even idolizing him to an extent, and flashbacks indicate that Sarah Lynn's self-destructive behavior is in part the result of BoJack neglecting, and negatively influencing her as a child, as he would with many other women in his life, and even right up until her untimely death. At the tender age of six, BoJack told her "The most important thing is, you've got to give the people what they want. Even if it kills you, even if it empties you out until there's nothing left to empty. No matter what happens, no matter how much it hurts, you don't stop dancing, and you don't stop smiling, and you give those people what they want."

Later, in 2007, BoJack visits her after one of her concerts. She is initially excited to see him, and while they talk, Sarah Lynn reveals how stressful her fame is and how everyone around her is only there to get something out of her. Unfortunately, BoJack reveals that he only showed up because he wanted her to be on his new show, which saddens her and furthers reinforces the idea that people in her life are always going to use her. This ultimately sends her over the edge, and for the next couple of years, she turns to destructive behavior just for attention.

He was also responsible for the first time she got drunk, at age ten, due to leaving his Vodka in a water bottle sitting in his dressing room where she was getting her hair cut, he had sex with her when they were both drunk, and when she was sober for almost nine months he took advantage of the fact she was very willing to go off the wagon and went on a bender with her, that led to her death.

Sarah Lynn occasionally showed signs of being a kind, intelligent, and thoughtful person. She did care about the people close to her, like BoJack, but had difficulty showing it.

Her last words were "I wanna be an architect."



Screenshot (125)

Sarah Lynn gets her rise to fame as Sabrina on Horsin' Around when she is just three-years-old

Sarah Lynn, born Sarah Himmelfarb around 1984, was forced by her mother at age three to be an actress in Horsin' Around. She played Sabrina, The Horse's youngest daughter.

She expressed interest in being an architect but was shut down by her mother Carol who said: "Mommy didn’t do what she did to the Star Search producer so that you could be an architect."

She was home-schooled by her stepfather, a bear who is a photographer, which isolated her from kids her age. It is heavily hinted her stepfather may have sexually abused her.

Screenshot (851)

BoJack terrifying Sarah Lynn by telling her "You don't stop dancing, and you don't stop smiling, and you give those people what they want."

She admired and looked up to BoJack as a father figure, although he didn’t display much care towards her.

One day, in between takes, BoJack tells Sarah Lynn she is nothing without her fans, and if she is good to them they’ll be good to her. He also tells her no one else will ever understand her or love her as much as them. She has to give the people what they want, even if it kills her. While this quote may have been BoJack describing his own worldview, it seems to have affected Sarah Lynn and how she acted later in life.

On Horsin' Around, her character Sabrina was apparently a fan favorite, as of later seasons. After creator Herb Kazzaz was fired, most of the episodes' plots involved around her, much to the jealousy of co-star Joelle Clarke. She showed a talent for singing, as a headline on People magazine revealed.

One day, a ten-year-old Sarah Lynn had Sharona, the hairdresser and makeup lady, cut her hair in BoJack’s dressing room, to his annoyance, because her stepdad was "being weird." He takes out his frustrations over the Herb situation on her, and Sharona calls him out in it as the two leave the dressing room, leaving a teary-eyed Sarah Lynn alone. BoJack left a water bottle filled with alcohol (which he got from Sharona) on the vanity, and Sarah Lynn ends up drinking it and getting sick. Danny tells BoJack when she isn’t on set, and that someone has to be held accountable as her mother might sue. BoJack lets Sharona take the blame and she gets fired.
Screenshot (884)

A teenage and more sexualized Sarah Lynn in her first music video for her first single "Prickly Muffin"

Following the show's cancellation in 1996, she became a successful pop singer in the early 2000s at age eighteen, with her debut album I Am Sarah Lynn, adopting a more sexual image while doing so.

At the height of her singing career in 2007, she had her own fragrance with Kevin Kline, branded Sarah Lynn's Stank.

However, fame began to take a toll on her, as she became stressed and depressed that the people around her began using her for her fame.

This came to a turning point at one of her concerts during her Sexually Confident Virgin Tour in December 2007. BoJack has just started his comeback show with Cuddlywhiskers, called The BoJack Horseman Show, which was being critically panned. After receiving the show's lowest ratings, Cuddlywhiskers decided they needed a big celebrity to guest star, and Jill Pill recommended Sarah Lynn. BoJack was uneasy about this, as she was at the time “the world's biggest pop star," and he hadn't spoken to her since Horsin’ Around ended.

Cuddlywhiskers convinced him anyway, even saying BoJack "was like a father to her." BoJack then goes backstage at one of her concerts with a script and meets her, much to her excitement. She tells him how hard being famous is, and says she's “this close to falling off the deep end." She also states how everyone takes advantage of her due to her fame.

BoJack ends up revealing that he only came to visit her to ask her to be on his show. Sarah Lynn is saddened by this and tells BoJack to leave it next to a large pile of other scripts she was given. She then sadly asks him to leave.

This incident pushed Sarah Lynn over the edge and began her downfall. Her "last few albums tanked" according to her then-boyfriend Andrew Garfield in the episode Prickly-Muffin. In her late twenties, she became addicted to drugs and alcohol.

During the events of BoJack Hates the Troops, she met with Herb Kazzaz, who had rectal cancer. He told her to get sober and to get his book published when he dies.

After she turned thirty in 2014, people lost interest in her in favor of younger stars such as "fourteen-year-old teenage dubstep wunderkind" Sextina Aquafina.[1]

Season 1

Sarah Lynn pills

Sarah Lynn about to take a bunch of pills

In Prickly-Muffin, BoJack, while at a furniture store with Todd, runs into her and her boyfriend Andrew Garfield. During this encounter, Andrew breaks up with Sarah Lynn, saying that when they started dating she was super popular but now that she's thirty and not popular anymore he's no longer interested.

Sarah Lynn starts having a public meltdown, swallowing a whole bottle of pills and stabbing herself with a bayonet that Todd was holding. She also defecates on a sofa (BoJack reveals this part to Diane when telling her about it). BoJack then checks Sarah Lynn into rehab.

However, later that day she shows up at BoJack's house after leaving rehab prematurely and patching up her stab wounds with duct tape. She asks BoJack if she could stay with him and he agrees.

Sarah Lynn takes advantage of this, throwing wild parties and trashing BoJack's house in the process. BoJack believes she just needs some love, and the two spend time together at the Santa Monica Pier. This leads to BoJack learning Herb Kazzaz has, as Sarah Lynn puts it, "ass cancer." BoJack then gives Sarah Lynn his TV Guide Award. The next day, BoJack learns Sarah Lynn sold his award to a pawn shop for drug money and it was purchased by Mr. Peanutbutter.

This leads to BoJack and Sarah Lynn having an argument, ending in them having sex. She later sets his ottoman on fire, but when BoJack confronts her about it, the fight leads to the two having sex again.

Diane and Todd convince BoJack to tell Sarah Lynn to move out as they feel that BoJack and Sarah Lynn are taking advantage of each other.

When BoJack tells Sarah Lynn she has to leave and get real help, she accepts while also saying she feels she's at a place where "she doesn't need to grow as a person and can constantly surround herself with sycophants and enablers until she dies tragically young."

In Downer Ending, she, BoJack, and Todd do large amounts of drugs in order to help BoJack rewrite his memoir. The drugs are provided by Sarah Lynn's doctor and alleged drug dealer Dr. Hu.

Season 2

In Still Broken, she and the rest of the Horsin' Around cast attend Herb's funeral. They all meet up in Herb's bedroom after the funeral, leading to hostility, especially between Sarah Lynn and Joelle.

They're all about to part ways when the blind executor of Herb Kazzaz's will delivers Sarah Lynn a floppy disk that is said to lead to "Herb's gold."

BoJack, Sarah Lynn, Bradley, and Joelle then go on a treasure hunt for Herb's gold to honor his dying wish. They go to Herb's old office and get into his computer, which only has an address for a storage locker in it.

2x03 Sarah Lynn HerbGold flashback

Herb and Sarah Lynn

At the storage locker, they find a briefcase labeled “Gold,” though it is empty and only has some bear fur inside. Sarah identifies it as bear fur by tasting it and mentions her stepdad was a bear. Joelle then reads a letter from Henry Winkler talking about a novel Herb wrote.

Sarah Lynn then remembers her conversation with Herb the previous year asking her to publish his novel when he dies. They believe Henry Winkler murdered Herb for his book. However, when they go back to the funeral, Henry reveals he stole the book because it was actually "too terrible to publish" and would have made Herb a laughingstock.

Season 3

In Old Acquaintance, on New Year's Eve 2015, Sarah Lynn calls BoJack while driving and painting her toenails on the steering wheel. She asks if he's heard about the Horsin' Around sequel, Ethan Around, that Bradley is trying to get made. BoJack is surprised by this news and is offended Bradley hadn't contacted him yet.

He asks if this is just from her being high, and Sarah Lynn replies she's eight months sober. She only did it because she heard if you stop doing drugs for a long time, the high when you do them again is "incredible." BoJack pleads her to just stay sober, but Sarah Lynn groans and tells him to call her when he's ready to party. She then is heard crashing her car and BoJack hangs up.

In That's Too Much, Man!, on January 16, 2016, a happier and calmer Sarah Lynn is about to celebrate her ninth month of sobriety. She then gets a call from BoJack asking her if she wants to party. This was after BoJack had not been nominated for an Oscar and had a falling out with everyone he knew. She immediately accepts and downs a bottle of vodka.

BoJack comes over and they proceed to drink, do drugs, reminisce, and watch old episodes of Horsin' Around. However, BoJack begins to blackout.

After a few blackouts, during which Sarah Lynn asks to go to the planetarium twice only for BoJack to reject her as he thinks "dome-shaped buildings are dumb," they are thirty-one hours into their bender. They end up at an AA meeting because Sarah Lynn wants to get her nine-month sobriety chip.

BoJack gets fed up with all the boring stories so he goes up to the podium. He tells them a story about how he visited his friend Charlotte and how he tried to sleep with both her and her daughter Penny in Tesuque, New Mexico, and that he has no idea what happened to the family or the daughter afterward.

He has another blackout and comes to while recklessly driving a car. Sarah Lynn tells him that he shut down the AA meeting because he "bummed everyone out" and that she looked Penny up on Facebook. It appears that Penny is doing fine and she is currently attending college in Oberlin. Sarah Lynn also tells him to try the twelve-step program and to make amends to make himself feel better and get a clean slate.

However, these attempts fail due to both of them being high and drunk. They break into Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter's house and dress up like them after BoJack eats all their food while Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane watch. BoJack tries to apologize to Todd but ends up apologizing to a little boy who is dressed similarly to Todd.

BoJack also tries to apologize to Ana for two weeks, but blacks out every time before he can hear her explain why she doesn't want to be around him anymore. He also tries to apologize to Princess Carolyn by standing outside her apartment building on the roof of his car and screaming that "[he's] sorry." Princess Carolyn just sighs and goes back inside with her boyfriend Ralph, who turns to glare at BoJack.

After finally hearing Ana's story about the incident that happened to her as a young adult, BoJack has another blackout and wakes up in a car with Sarah Lynn. They are on the way to Ohio for BoJack to make amends with Penny and to see if he "messed her up." He demands that they turn the car around, but the two still end up at Oberlin's library. They spot Penny using the computer, and BoJack says that they should stop following her, but he blacks out again and wakes up later at night outside of a party that Penny is attending.

BoJack says that she seems fine and that maybe he didn't ruin her. He agrees to drive them home after he pees but ends up bumping into a group of guys, knocking them over. This catches Penny's attention and she notices BoJack and begins to freak out, telling him that "he can't be here." Realizing BoJack came there to find her, she says "I was seventeen, I didn’t know any better!" The people around them start to recognize Sarah Lynn and BoJack and begin to take pictures of them. They leave as a frightened Penny disappears into the crowd.

Back in the car, Sarah Lynn tells BoJack that Penny was probably doing great before they showed up and that they should've just left her alone, as seeing BoJack probably opened old wounds, a comment that annoys BoJack. Sarah Lynn asks for a bottle opener and finds one in the glove compartment next to a pack of heroin nicknamed BoJack, which had been discovered by BoJack and Diane back in BoJack Kills.

She tells BoJack that they have to try it, as having a drug named after you is a big deal. He says he doesn't want to shoot heroin. Later, after the two have returned to Sarah Lynn's house in L.A., BoJack says that instead, "[they] can snort heroin like sophisticated adults."

After he snorts some heroin, BoJack blacks out again. During his blackout, he has a flashback to Thanksgiving 2007, when he and Cuddlywhiskers had a conversation about The BoJack Horseman Show's failing ratings and getting Sarah Lynn to guest star. BoJack's surroundings shake similarly to a subway car while he flashes back, getting more violent as it progresses, especially when Cuddlywhiskers tells BoJack he was "like a father to [Sarah Lynn]." BoJack then wakes up but falls over.

BoJack's next series of blackouts transition him and Sarah Lynn to different locations. While this happens, he reminisces about their time together on Horsin' Around. He tells Sarah Lynn he feels like she's the only one who understands him. He also tells her they can be friends because they're the only two people who knew each other before they were famous, and they like each other for who they really are as people.

BoJack continues this speech while the scene transitions to the two of them laying on a hotel bed at nighttime. BoJack says they don't want anything from each other, and he tells Sarah Lynn he loves her. She doesn't respond and he panics, but she comes to and complains about being bored.

She turns on the TV and discovers the Oscars are on, much to BoJack's surprise, as he discovers just how long they were on the bender. Sarah Lynn wins the Oscar for "Best Original Song," which makes her overjoyed, then regretful as she wasn't there to receive it. She tells BoJack that "if someone had told [her] as a kid [she'd] win an Oscar, [she] wouldn't have believed it, but now [she] has," and then cuts herself off.

Sarah Lynn tells BoJack she doesn't like anything about herself and that everything about her is fake and "not her." She says even her shirt came from a company that paid her $8,000 to wear it. Despite not needing the money, she wears it because she likes that someone still cared about her enough to want her to wear their shirt. BoJack tries to comfort her, but Sarah Lynn begins to panic and thinks she and everyone else is doomed. BoJack calms her down and finally agrees to take her to the planetarium.

Sarah Lynn domes are so cool

Sarah Lynn's final moments

The two are then seen in the planetarium, as silhouettes, watching a show. Sarah Lynn is impressed by the dome shape of the building, and she rests her head on BoJack's shoulder and says "I wanna be an architect."

The narrator says that their lives are but short flashes in a universe that is billions of years old. BoJack tells Sarah Lynn "there's nothing to worry about because it doesn't matter what you did in the past or how you'll be remembered. All that matters is this moment."

He asks if she agrees, but she doesn't respond. He nudges her, saying her name multiple times, but the screen just fades to black.

In Season 6 during BoJack's interview with Biscuits Braxby in Xerox of a Xerox, it is revealed BoJack, who in a panic wanted to cover his tracks, went out to the parking lot and called Sarah Lynn's phone for two minutes in order to make it look like she called him to come to the planetarium. BoJack then waited seventeen minutes to call 911, while Sarah Lynn, unknown to him, was actually still alive, albeit unconscious.

Sarah Lynn was dead by the time she got to the hospital on February 28, 2016, from a heroin overdose at the age of thirty-one.

BoJack told her mother Carol and stepfather at the hospital she called him from the planetarium and sounded off, and he found Sarah Lynn passed out and called 911 but it was too late. Her mother was in utter agony and blamed herself, while her stepdad comforted her and told her it wasn’t anyone’s fault. BoJack also lied to Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface that he didn’t know where she got the heroin from.

As he leaves the hospital he tells himself he needs to make changes, but after he opens his car door and multiple beer bottles fall out he continues to chug their contents.

Sarah Lynn's death haunts BoJack, making him believe he is truly poisonous, which is how he describes himself in the following episode, That Went Well. He attempts to do a Horsin' Around reboot, Ethan Around, with Bradley, but when Chloe, the little girl in the show, tells BoJack her dream is to be like him, he panics, as she reminds him of Sarah Lynn, and flees the building.

Sarah Lynn's parents were devastated by her death, although her mother continued to profit off of her by using her image for marketing such as Pepsi and Geico commercials, and for attention and public sympathy.

Season 4

In See Mr. Peanutbutter Run, it is mentioned FX is making a biopic about Sarah Lynn called American Dead Girl: The Sarah Lynn Story.

In The Old Sugarman Place, two teenage girls at the hardware store named Tamara and Tamera ask BoJack very invasive questions about Sarah Lynn and his involvement in the circumstances surrounding her death. This is due to the fact TMZ reported BoJack took Sarah Lynn to the hospital and held her hand. They ask such questions as if she defecated after death, which hurts BoJack's feelings immensely. He is later seen watching the biopic while squatting in his grandparent's old summer home. In the biopic, he is played by Paul Giamatti.

In Stupid Piece of Sh*t, she is mentioned in BoJack's intrusive thoughts, as one of the people he let love him which led to them getting hurt (the other two people being Herb and Penny).

In What Time Is It Right Now, she is seen as her character Sabrina on Horsin' Around.

Season 5

In Head in the Clouds, BoJack and Diane get in an argument about his past shady behavior. At one point he claims he has suffered more than the people he has hurt because he has to live with the pain. Diane is shocked and repulsed that BoJack thinks he's the victim. She questions him about Sarah Lynn, and how her overdose was hard for him. BoJack tells her to shut up.

She tells him he was Sarah Lynn's only father figure when she came to him for help he had sex with her, and after she was sober he took her on a month-long bender and she died. But he's alive, with a living girlfriend, and a new TV show. Diane questions how all of that is hard for him, the "main character in this story."

In The Showstopper, she appears during BoJack's musical drug-induced hallucination, although technically BoJack hallucinates an actress portraying Sarah Lynn. Most other characters are played by actors in the musical number Don't Stop Dancing 'Til The Curtains Fall, sung by Gina Cazador. In the number, Gina grabs "Sarah Lynn's" hand, and she twirls away as the scenery changes to the planetarium show where she died.

Season 6

The beginning of A Horse Walks into a Rehab shows a flashback that reveals for the first time what happened after Sarah Lynn became unconscious in the planetarium.

While he is at rehab BoJack is having difficulty getting into it, until he sees Sarah Lynn's photo on the wall of other patients, which inspires him to try harder to get better.

At the end of the episode, he takes a water bottle filled with vodka from another patient named Jameson. He keeps it with him, and a close up of it depicts it as the starry night sky from the planetarium when Sarah Lynn died.

A Little Uneven, Is All shows the incident where Sarah Lynn drank BoJack's vodka when she was ten years old, which explains why BoJack held onto Jameson's water bottle.

In A Quick One, While He's Away, at the Hollywoo Reporter, it’s revealed Sarah Lynn's mother Carol Himmelfarb-Richardson keeps calling the publication to get information about the details surrounding her daughter's death, but the editor in chief believes its an open and shut case about a pop star who overdosed

This catches the attention of star reporter Paige Sinclair, who was about to quit as she is getting married and feels the newsroom is "no place for a domesticated woman, and she and another reporter, Maximillian Banks, decides to investigate it further, so she can end with the scoop of her career.

They interview Sarah Lynn's mother at Elefanté. Carol is telling Maximillian and Paige that she doesn't understand why her daughter would start using again. Paige asks if she suspects foul-play. Carol then plays a voicemail on her phone from Sarah Lynn, a month before she died: Sarah Lynn tells her she's making amends with someone else, and sarcastically apologizes for being such a disappointment and never being good enough for her, as she leans out the window and destroys whatever she drives by with a baseball bat.

Carol calls her daughter an angel, not picking up on the sarcasm, and says Sarah Lynn just wanted her mother to be happy. The reporters point out Sarah Lynn mentioned a "we" at the beginning of the recording: who's the other person?

Paige and Maximillian find their way to the building Sarah Lynn went to for her AA meetings, in hopes of finding someone who saw her there. Despite the program being anonymous, they are able to get people coming out of the building to reveal celebrities they’ve seen there.

Finally, a bird man, who was seen speaking at the meeting BoJack and Sarah Lynn attended during their bender, confesses he saw Sarah Lynn a month before she died, and it was obvious she was using - but he also reveals a man was with her, and the man revealed he went to New Mexico to see a mother and daughter and had sex with one of them, but he can’t remember which one, and the girl's name was Penny Carson. The bird man feels the guy was weirdly proud of it and he told everyone to "look it up." Paige and Max are seen towards the end of the episode having ended up in New Mexico.

In Good Damage they manage to track down Penny and question her about BoJack and Sarah Lynn, even following her home when the mention of BoJack freaks her out. She admits she saw BoJack and Sarah Lynn at Oberlin right before the latter died, and they were both intoxicated.

In Sunk Cost and All That, Diane, Princess Carolyn, and Todd try to help BoJack figure out why the two reporters are after him, listing every bad thing he’s done on two whiteboards. At one point, Paige calls Diane questioning her about BoJack’s involvement with Sarah Lynn’s death, revealing the reason they’re after him, right before she hangs up.

Meanwhile, Paige and Max are at Elefino questioning Mr. Peanutbutter, and at one point he lets it slip BoJack once told him while he was drunk he was with Sarah Lynn at the planetarium when she died and he was the one who gave her the heroin.

Princess Carolyn says they can spin it, which Diane strongly disagrees with. She starts to rant on how she felt bad for BoJack when Sarah Lynn died, but at the same time wondered about his involvement in it. BoJack admits to the both of them that he was with her at the planetarium when she died and gave her the heroin that killed her - which was unknown to everyone at the time, BoJack lied to the police that they split up and she called him from the planetarium where he found her dead.

Princess Carolyn says they’ll have him release an apology where he confirms certain parts of the story but denies other parts so that in everyone's head BoJack has apologized for the really bad stuff without legally implicating himself. Diane is disgusted by this and tells them they’re digging too deep. BoJack admits she’s right and he has to come clean.

However, Paige unexpectedly calls BoJack, saying they are running a story about Sarah Lynn and his relationship with her next Thursday, and BoJack denies everything she asks him. After BoJack hangs up Diane asks him what happened to being honest, and he says he didn't think it would happen so fast. Princess Carolyn says they have a week to plan in order to minimize the damage.

In Xerox of a Xerox, BoJack is slated to have an interview with Biscuits Braxby about his involvement with Sarah Lynn's death, which in reality is for damage control.

Paige, in preparation for her wedding, is upset the scoop of her career is being overshadowed by Biscuit's interview.

During the interview, BoJack admits he and Sarah Lynn went on a bender for about a month, and she overdosed—and admits he lied about finding her at the planetarium as opposed to being there with her. He says her death was one of the biggest reasons he went to rehab, because she reminded him of himself as she repeated a lot of the same patterns he did, and he'll be a year sober the following week.

Biscuits then asks about how he feels about Sarah Lynn's mother exploiting her daughter's death. BoJack responds it makes him sad and angry. Biscuits asks what he would say to her mother right now, and BoJack says he would tell her how sorry he is.

The interview successfully makes BoJack look sympathetic and the following day he gets a lot of positive publicity from it. He is asked to do a second interview by Pinky Penguin. BoJack, despite Princess Caroly's skepticism, agrees, as the attention, like always, has gone to his head.

At BoJack's second interview with Biscuits she starts by asking him about Sarah Lynn. She questions BoJack about him telling the police he wasn't with her when she died and that she had called him from the planetarium. BoJack admits he lied. Biscuits then asks if BoJack was afraid the police would check the phone records. Biscuits said his story checked out because there was a call to Sarah Lynn's phone seventeen minutes before he called 911. Biscuits ask if he was with her how does he explain the phone call. BoJack then admits he called himself from her phone because he panicked so it would look like she called him.

Biscuits asks what BoJack did after that and BoJack tells her he went out to the parking lot. Biscuits then says BoJack just waited outside for seventeen minutes. BoJack then questions why he's asking her this.

There is then a cut to six hours earlier when Biscuits is in her office when Paige walks in. Paige tells Biscuits her disgusting display of soft-pedaling sycophancy sickens her. Biscuits says she got BoJack to talk about the worst moment of his life for huge ratings and the Biscuits brand is keeping things light. She says celebrities go on her show because she makes them look good and that's what keeps her relevant.

Paige then counters this by asking what good is her relevance if it's squandered away in public relations and with the advent of social media celebrities don't need Biscuits to make them look good. Biscuits questions this by saying what would she ask if she wanted to do a hard-hitting interview and Paige tells her she has a few ideas.

Biscuits then brings the conversation back to Sarah Lynn and asks if BoJack ever gave her alcohol. Biscuits then says the first time Sarah Lynn drank alcohol as a child was vodka. BoJack questions how she knows about that. Biscuits then mentions BoJack bringing vodka to the set of Horsin' Around. BoJack then questions whether Sharona told her that.

The scene then cuts to four hours earlier when Paige and Biscuits are talking to Doctor Champ at the bar. Doctor Champ bitterly says seeing BoJack in that interview like he's a victim disgusts him but if the world only knew what he knew it would be a different story. Paige then asks Doctor Champ if being a therapist he is not at liberty to discuss what his client told him in confidence. Doctor Champ clarifies that he's a therapy horse, not a therapist and therefore there is an important legal distinction and he can tell the reporters everything.

There is then a cut back to the interview and BoJack says there was no connection between Sarah Lynn and those other women and Sarah Lynn was like a daughter to him. He says he did not get Sarah Lynn drunk for the purpose of taking advantage of her because she was ten and they didn't have sex till she was thirty.

Biscuits then says she keeps thinking about those seventeen minutes and BoJack waiting in the parking lot after she died however, she wasn't actually dead yet she died in the hospital. Biscuits then asks BoJack if he wonders what would have happened if he didn't take those seventeen minutes and Sarah Lynn might still be alive.

Biscuits then recaps by saying BoJack gave Sarah Lynn alcohol when she was a child, then she became an addict. BoJack interjects by saying a lot of things happened in between. Biscuits then tells him she's the one talking right now not him. She tells BoJack he had sex with her when she was intoxicated, then when she was sober BoJack gave her the heroin that killed her. In an effort to cover himself he waited to call the paramedics that might have saved her life. Biscuits then pointedly says BoJack doesn't think he has any power over women.

In The Horny Unicorn, It is revealed he settled with Sarah Lynn's family in court for five million dollars.

In The View from Halfway Down, in BoJack’s dream, BoJack arrives at his mother’s house with a child Sarah Lynn and with a hydrangea plant in hand as a gift. A younger Beatrice invites them in and Beatrice announces BoJack’s arrival as Sarah Lynn runs into the living room.

In the living room, the other dinner party guests are other people who have predeceased BoJack; Herb KazzazCorduroy Jackson Jackson, and Crackerjack Sugarman. The other guests including Sarah Lynn are chasing around the bird trying to get her out of the house, seemingly while having fun while doing it.

Sarah Lynn runs up to BoJack with a poker asking if it will help get the bird out of the house. BoJack starts chasing the bird around the living room while the others watch and cheer him on. BoJack chases the bird into the kitchen and she flies out of the window and everyone except Beatrice celebrates.

Everyone is in the dining room and BoJack is sitting at the head of the table. Everyone is going around the table talking about the best and worst moments of their lives. Sarah Lynn, who has aged up to her eighteen-year-old self, says the best moment of her life was being asked for her autograph for the first time and since she was so young she didn’t know how to write her name so she just drew a squiggly line. While she’s talking, BoJack is given water. As Sarah Lynn describes giving autographs as being more of a chore after the first time

Zach Braff continues to serve everyone their dinners. Sarah Lynn is given a hamburger and fries

Sarah Lynn, who has aged up to her thirty-one-year-old self, says that sacrifice does mean something. BoJack says that sacrifice in the service of something greater might mean something but questions what’s the good in sacrifice in and of itself. Sarah Lynn says that there is a lot of good to come from sacrifice, saying that she sacrificed a lot and she was “freaking awesome." Beatrice questions what did Sarah Lynn ever sacrifice and Sarah Lynn replies by saying that she gave her whole life. Beatrice dismisses Sarah Lynn, saying that she died in a hedonistic bender. Sarah Lynn clarifies that she’s not talking about her death but she’s talking about her life, saying that she gave her whole life.  

Sarah Lynn says that the worst part of her life was the 2007 “Sexually Confident Virgin Tour." She goes on to explain that her manager had leaked nude pictures of her on the internet to get more tour dates added and her mom pointed out every carb she ever ate, but it gave millions of fans a show they won’t ever forget.  

As Sarah Lynn continues to talk, the black tar continues to drip on BoJack’s head. Corduroy tells Sarah Lynn that her exploits as a pop star were just a high she chased, saying that it doesn’t compare to Crackerjack’s time in the military, the comparison making Crackerjack visibly uncomfortable. Sarah Lynn turns to Herb hoping that he would back her up. Herb says that he used to believe that the work he did and the joy he brought meant something, saying that he was so close to winning an Emmy before he lost it all.  

BoJack asks if anyone is noticing the leak. Beatrice says that they’ll get a bucket but since the tar is falling on BoJack he’s going to have to hold the bucket. Herb continues, saying that when he got fired from Horsin’ Around he was able to become his true authentic self being out of the closet as a gay man in the 90s. Sarah Lynn questions what does being authentic has to do with anything. Herb then explains that when he was not hiding behind a façade he was able to be at peace with himself which is when he decided to get into philanthropy.  

As the tar continues to drip on his head, BoJack says that for him, discovering Corduroy in his trailer was one of the top five worst moments of his life. Sarah Lynn goes on to state that she helped a lot of people and she wasn’t a bad person. Sarah Lynn goes on to accuse everyone of accusing her of being a bad person with their charity work, being authentic, and killing Nazis.  

Zach Braff hands BoJack a bucket to hold over his head to catch the drips of tar. He also informs Beatrice that her husband has arrived—much to BoJack’s shock. BoJack then claims that his father has never made it to dinner before. Sarah Lynn then asks the group if anyone has ever had a song of theirs played in outer space saying that her hit single No, No, No (No Means Yes) made its way to Mars. She goes on to say that it has to mean something since she will be remembered. 

Everyone leaves for the theater in the other room, and BoJack says goodbye to everyone. When Sarah Lynn asks if BoJack is coming, BoJack tells Sarah Lynn that this is the part in the dream where he normally wakes up. Sarah Lynn follows the others into the theater saying that maybe BoJack would be able to come to the showcase next time. Zach Braff reaches over and grabs BoJack’s plate before walking off. Much to BoJack’s confusion he’s still in the dream and hasn’t woken up yet.

As BoJack has not woken up from the dream yet he decides to go to the showcase which is hosted by Herb. Herb introduces the opening act which is Sarah Lynn. Before her performance, Sarah Lynn decides to dedicate her performance to BoJack. When the Spotlight shifts to  BoJack he proceeds to apologize for everything that happened to Sarah Lynn but she interrupts him before going back to the piano to start her song. Sarah Lynn starts to play Don’t Stop Dancing ‘Til The Curtains Call which quickly transitions into a song to the tune of her song Prickly Muffin. Towards the end, the song transitions back to Don’t Stop Dancing ‘Til The Curtain Call. Suddenly a door frame appears and Sarah Lynn walks towards it. As she finishes the song the door opens revealing nothing but darkness.

As she repeats the last two lines of the song twice more “Don’t stop dancing," she holds her breath and falls backward into the darkness behind the door frame and vanishes completely. BoJack runs to the door looking for Sarah Lynn but she’s gone and Herb introduces Corduroy’s aerial act. 


Sarah Lynn died of a heroin overdose on the drug known as "BoJack" in the Season 3 episode That's Too Much, Man!
Screenshot (3205)
The drug on which she overdosed on was given to her by BoJack near the end of their month-long bender. The drug is first seen in the episode, BoJack Kills, in the same season.

At the end of That's Too Much, Man!, BoJack and Sarah Lynn go to Griffith Park Observatory, which is one of Sarah Lynn's favorite place due to the building being dome-shaped. They sit and look at the stars and talk about what they want to do with their life in the future. Sarah Lynn says her last words "I wanna be an architect" before passing out and falling completely silent.

BoJack continues to talk, and once he notices she doesn't talk back, he starts saying "Sarah Lynn?" three times, and the final time he says it, it shows a black screen, ending the episode.

Sarah Lynn's death becomes a major topic in the final season, Season 6.

In A Horse Walks Into Rehab, it is shown that Sarah Lynn was taken to the hospital where her Mother and Father are already crying. BoJack is questioned at the hospital by Meow Meow Fuzzyface but he lies and says he doesn't know where Sarah Lynn got the heroin from, to which Meow Meow immediately ends the interview and walks away

In Xerox of a Xerox, Biscuits Braxby reveals what actually happened that night, due to Doctor Champ telling her and Paige Sinclair everything BoJack told him during their sessions at Pastiches. It is revealed BoJack picked up Sarah Lynn's phone the night she died and staged a call to himself from her phone. He waits seventeen minutes before he actually calls medical services so that he doesn't get in trouble. Sarah Lynn dies at the hospital that same night.

This explosive interview sends BoJack into a spiral of bad karma, losing all his friends, fans, having to pay approximately $5 Million to Sarah Lynn's parents, and lastly, selling his Horsin' Around loyalty rights so that the show officially is just renamed "Around."

Her death is hinted at in her debut episode, saying herself that: "I'm at a place right now where I never need to grow as a person or rise to an occasion because I can constantly just surround myself with sycophants and enablers until I die tragically young."



Year Title Role Notes
1987 Horsin' Around Sabrina


Title Year Known Tracks
I Am Sarah Lynn 2002 Prickly Muffin
Unknown Not Specified My Hinie Ain't So Tiny
Unknown Not Specified No, No, No (No Means Yes)

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Sarah Lynn is seen in the Season 6 Intro as a child on the Horsin' Around set.
Sarah Lynn model sheet

Sarah Lynn model sheet


  • Sarah Lynn says the first words by any character in the pilot, she says "(Sigh)...Mondays" as her character Sabrina on Horsin' Around.
  • Her birth name was Sarah Himmelfarb before she changed it legally to Sarah Lynn.
    • The surname Himmelfarb is a generally Ashkenazi Jewish surname, implying that she may have been raised Jewish.
      • She also mentions that she doesn't want her body to be a temple because "she's been to Temple and it's boring." Using "Temple" in that context implies a Jewish service.
      • Her name is spelled "Helmulfarb" in Netflix's captions.
  • It is revealed in Xerox of a Xerox that Sarah Lynn did not actually die resting her head on BoJack's shoulder at Griffith Park Observatory, instead, she was passed out, but due to BoJack waiting seventeen minutes to call for medical help, she died at the hospital.
  • Sarah Lynn is a parody of former child stars that later developed substance abuse problems or reputations for scandalous or erotic behavior as a result of the toxic entertainment business.
    • Examples could include Jodi Sweetin, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and Amanda Bynes.
      • The Olsen twins and Jodi Sweetin starred in Full House (which Horsin' Around parodies).
      • Sarah Lynn's music and outfits for the "Prickly Muffin" music video and interview with A Ryan Seacrest Type are also strikingly similar to Britney Spears, especially to the outfits Spears wore in her video for I'm a Slave 4 U and her performance at the 2001 MTV VMAs.
      • BoJack Horseman's composer Jesse Novak stated that the sound of Sarah Lynn's first hit Prickly-Muffin was his "take on early Neptune's production and a sort of stylistic cross between Toxic and Slave 4 U for the time period." Toxic and I'm A Slave 4 U are both songs by Britney Spears. [2]
      • In Prickly-Muffin, BoJack attempted to check Sarah Lynn into a Promises Rehab Center, the same one Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan attended for drug and alcohol abuse.
      • She and Lindsay Lohan both have freckles.
      • An early draft of a script for Prickly-Muffin from BoJack Horseman: The Art Before The Horse notes that Sarah Lynn's videos and image as a teen reflects Christina Aguilera's Dirrty phase, and Sarah Lynn's behavior in the present reflects Miley Cyrus's from around that time.
Sarah Lynn teenager Model sheet

Sarah Lynn Teenage Model Sheet

  • Her character on Horsin' Around is a parody of Michelle Tanner from Full House.
Sarah Lynn funeral outfit model sheet

Sarah Lynn funeral outfit model sheet

  • Sarah Lynn's stepfather was a bear. It is heavily implied that she was sexually abused in her youth by him (before he married her mother) as she knew what bear fur tasted like and mentioned that he was a “photographer."
    • It is likely he is a parody of Terry Richardson, a photographer, and alleged rapist. He is even designed to look like him.
    • He accepted the Oscar on her behalf.
  • Sarah Lynn wanted to be an architect growing up; however, her mother forced her to become a child actress. She references this several times during the series.
    Sarah Lynn Sings!!

    "Sarah Lynn Sings!!"

    • In the episode Prickly-Muffin, she says she wants to be an architect but her mother criticizes her for not wanting to be an actress.
    • She is well-versed in technical terminology about architecture, which shows her passion for it.
      • In the episode, That's Too Much, Man! she comments on the playhouse Oxnard built for his son needing parallel joists.
      • Right before her death, BoJack takes her to the planetarium where she reveals she was only interested in going to the planetarium because the building is a dome.
      • Her final words were "I wanna be an architect."
  • Sarah Lynn's death was foreshadowed several times throughout the series, both in terms of her actually dying young and due to BoJack being a negative father figure and influence:
    • In Prickly Muffin, she predicts that she will die young as a result of her destructive behavior, albeit shrugging it off in the process.
      • Earlier in the same episode, right before she and BoJack have sex for a second time, BoJack says she has a serious drug problem, to which Sarah Lynn replies "The only drug I need is horse." "Horse" is a street name for heroin, and the heroin Sarah Lynn overdoses on was named after BoJack.
      • Also, her Prickly Muffin music video shown at the beginning of the episode takes place in the Griffith Park Observatory, the same planetarium her final moments take place in.
    • In Still Broken, at Herb's funeral, While with BoJack and the rest of the cast of Horsin' Around Sarah Lynn says they probably won’t see each other again until the next funeral, to which Joelle and Bradley immediately look at BoJack. In this same exchange, she is the only one that doesn't predict that BoJack will die next. Instead, she states that she's "so high [she doesn't] know where [she's] looking," foreshadowing her drug-related death.
    • In That's Too Much, Man!, Sarah Lynn has a parody of the painting "Ophelia" in her bedroom, which depicts a woman drowning in a lake. Later in the same episode, BoJack sees that Sarah Lynn is passed out during their bender and attempts to wake her, fearing she's dead.
  • Sarah Lynn won an Academy Award for Best Original Song titled The Silly Banana Song (Love Theme) from the film The Nazi Who Played Yahtzee.
  • She overdosed on a strain of Heroin called "BoJack."
  • Her musical career was foreshadowed when she got acclaim on Person magazine for her singing (during the Horsin' Around era.)
    • In this photo, she is seen with her usual Horsin' Around outfit, however, the color scheme has strangely switched from white, purple, and pink to green and blue. This outfit is never seen again.
  • Her emergency contact on her phone was the talking tree from Pocahontas.
  • In A Quick One, While He's Away, Tawnie and Trey are seen watching the video for Prickly Muffin. Trey makes a comment about how the video was filmed in a planetarium and Sarah Lynn died in a planetarium.
  • In The View From Halfway Down, during the dinner, Zach Braff serves Sarah Lynn a burger and fries. Everyone's meals are what they ate or encountered right before they died, although, Sarah Lynn is the only one out of all the dinner guests who does not have a firm connection with her food, although it could have been what she ate during her bender with BoJack, and it is mentioned that her mother pointed out every carb she ate during her 2007 tour.
  • Sarah Lynn is one of the few people outside of the main characters to make an appearance or be mentioned in every season of BoJack Horseman: The other people are Lenny TurteltaubEricaCharlotte Carson, Beatrice Horseman, Tom Jumbo-Grumbo, and Character Actress Margo Martindale.


  1. A Ryan Seacrest Type describes both of them as this in Prickly Muffin, rhetorically asking if anyone cared about Sarah Lynn anymore since she’s 30
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