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Sandro's Place is an Italian restaurant that appears in the BoJack Horseman series.

It is named after it's owner, Sandro, and is first introduced in That Went Well in Season 4.



Shortly after a terrible and catastrophic evening at Elefante in Best Thing That Ever Happened, Sandro starts a new restaurant taking many Elefante employees with him.

Sandro's Place becomes a restaurant the characters frequently visit but doesn't replace Elefante.

Season 4[]

An asexual meet-up occurs here in Stupid Piece of Sh*t. Todd learns more about what asexuality can mean for couples. He discovers that being an asexual doesn't dictate your romantic status.

In Ruthie, Princess Carolyn meets with Ralph for dinner to discuss her baby (who was miscarried) and Ralph's job. As Princess Carolyn dodges questions about her baby, three female celebrity clients (Carrie Underwood, Carey Mulligan, and Mariah Carey) enter the restaurant with names that sound similar to the word "miscarry."

Season 5[]

In The Stopped Show, Diane meets with Stefani to discuss the future of Girl Croosh.

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