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Sal seen in The Old Sugarman Place

Sal is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. He was Crackerjack's friend and fellow soldier. He is seen through flashbacks in The Old Sugarman Place, in Season 4.

Physical Appearance[]

Sal was a human male with red hair, thick eyebrows, and freckles on his cheekbones and nose.

He is depicted wearing a green button-down decorated military jacket and green pants, a green top hat with a brown brim, a light brown collared shirt, and a light brown tie.


Sal was a cheerful guy and a loyal friend to Crackerjack Sugarman. Little else is known about him.



In The Old Sugarman Place, in a flashback from 1944, Crackerjack then arrives with his friend Sal. They are both wearing their soldier uniforms and Crackerjack is talking about how great it will be to fight Nazis. Joseph gives Sal some money to get a freezy pop when he leaves. Beatrice complains that she wants one too.

Another flashback cuts to the summer house on Labor Day 1945. Honey and Beatrice are sitting on the front porch as fireworks go off in the distance to celebrate the end of the war. When questioned by Beatrice why they weren't celebrating, Honey decides that they should be and that she's got half a mind to paint the town "redder than the banks of Normandy." She and Beatrice head to the same barn BoJack and Eddie go to steal the weather vane in present-day, where the end of war celebration is happening.

Honey sings I Will Always Think of You, the special song she shared with Crackerjack. Afterward, Honey breaks down, drinking a whole pitcher of alcohol. She kisses Sal, after pleading him to tell her what happened when Crackerjack was shot—then starts crying hysterically.


  • Sal was probably around the same age as Crackerjack when he enlisted.
  • It is unknown what happened to him later in life.