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These are quotes said by Sadie

Season 5[]

The Amelia Earhart Story[]

Sadie: Um, just so you know, I have met with some other candidates, mostly couples.

Princess Carolyn: Oh.

Sadie: I couldn't believe I found someone who grew up in Eden.

Princess Carolyn: Oh, my God! Sadie, you can sell anything, if you just sell people the idea that they're not being sold to.

Sadie: Wow! That's pretty manipulative.

Princess Carolyn: But I didn't need to because your clothing sells itself.

Sadie: Hey, I guess you're right. [groans] My back aches. I gotta sit down.

Princess Carolyn: Oh! Here. [bear growls]

Sadie: Smart move adopting. Let someone else do all the work, right? [chuckles] Girl, you do not wanna be pregnant.

Sadie: I wish Strib was a back-door pilot. Maybe then I wouldn't be pregnant.

Sadie: He's not exactly the romantic type, but he's got those eyes you just can't say no to, you know what I mean?

Princess Carolyn: listen, I've known me some Stribs. A little sweet, a little dangerous. But the second things get complicated, he'll run away.

Sadie: You don't know my Strib.

Princess Carolyn: But I know you. And you are too special to settle for the first guy who rolls up on a motorcycle and says, [drawls] "I love you or whatever."

Sadie: Well, I haven't decided what I'm gonna do yet anyway.

Princess Carolyn: You're a bright girl, and you've got an incredible future.

Sadie: Let me ask you something. Did you really like the clothes I made? Of course I did. Then why didn't you buy anything for yourself?

Princess Carolyn: Sadie...

Sadie: You're bullshitting me. This is just another sale for you. No. You think I'm stupid, but I've been watching you bullshit everyone on that phone of yours.

Princess Carolyn: I want to give your baby the best life, the best schools, the best opportunities.

Sadie: You think, because you left her, you're better. Because of your fancy show business, you can take whatever you want.

Princess Carolyn: No, no, no, you don't understand.

Sadie: Well, I got something you can't have, and no amount of your managing or producing is gonna change that.

Princess Carolyn: I just want to help you. I want to give your baby a better life.

Sadie: Better than what? Better than a sky fulla stars?

Princess Carolyn: [sighs] [deep breath] Okay, Sadie, you do whatever you want. You want to keep the baby, you want to give the baby to someone else, fine. Just do, what you want to do. Don't live your life for Strib, or this baby, or anybody else.

Sadie: I know that.

Princess Carolyn: Okay. Good.

Sadie: Thank you.

Princess Carolyn: I mean it.

The Stopped Show[]

Princess Carolyn: Hello?

Sadie: Princess Carolyn! It's Sadie. Remember me? You wanted my baby, and you came down to Eden, then you thought about your past a lot, and I decided not to give you my baby?

Princess Carolyn: Of course I remember you, Sadie. Unfortunately, this isn't a great time.

Sadie: Anyway, I got to thinking I interviewed a lot of people for adoption. After I told them I wasn't gonna give them the baby, they all went cold or nasty. Except you. You were still nice. I think that's a sign. [grunts] How fast can you get to Eden?

Princess Carolyn: Why?

Sadie: My boyfriend left me, my mama stole my truck, and I don't want this baby no more.

Princess Carolyn: Oh, fish, Sadie. I'm kind of in the middle of something right now.

Sadie: You're in the middle of something? I'm about as deep in contractions as an apostrophe! [panting]

Princess Carolyn: I know. This is all just coming so fast. ILet me call you back.

Sadie: Okay, but if this baby pops out and you're not here, I'm putting it in a dumpster.

Princess Carolyn:[gasps]

Sadie: I'm kidding, I'm giving it to someone else.

Princess Carolyn: [chuckles]' Aw.

Sadie: She's beautiful. What are you gonna call her?

Princess Carolyn: Untitled Princess Carolyn Project

Sadie: But not really, though, right?