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Rutabaga Rabitowitz is a recurring character in BoJack Horseman. He made his first appearance in Brand New Couch, in Season 2.

Rutaba is a Hollywoo talent agent and a partner of Vanessa Gekko, sometimes against Princess Carolyn.

Physical Appearance[]

Rutabaga is a white and brown rabbit with pink ears and orange eyes with black pupils.

He wears a purple and white pinstripe collared button-down shirt, dark teal and red diagonal striped necktie, and a blue button-down business jacket with front pockets, dark blue-grey dress pants, dark grey belt, and a black and blue microphone earpiece in his right ear, and black dress shoes.


Rutabaga is an energetic, but sarcastic and angry man. He near-constantly is shown in what seems to be a good mood, while constantly taking passive-aggressive shots at his wife and harboring hatred for his coworkers. In spite of his friendly attitude towards Princess Carolyn, he is just as vicious an agent like any other at Vigor; stealing roles out from under her for his own clients.

Rutabaga has a fake and somewhat hypocritical attitude, claiming to hate going to the theater with his wife, then telling Princess Carolyn he loved the opera he went to see. He outwardly expresses his hatred for his coworkers in Out to Sea, where he curses them out; despite Charley Witherspoon announcing that his father, Mr. Witherspoon, had a stroke. Princess Carolyn describes him as being "kind of a jerk."


Season 2[]

Rutabaga is a rabbit and an agent at Vigor whose office is directly below Princess Carolyn.

In Brand New Couch, Princess Carolyn gets a call from Rutabaga, another agent who works on the floor below her. Princess Carolyn reveals she is close to getting one of her clients a role in a movie about Jackie Kennedy. He compliments her on how great she is at her job and says she's his favorite person who works there.

Later, at Vigor, Princess Carolyn calls Charley Witherspoon to ask about her new client and the Jackie Kennedy movie. He tells her the director changed his mind and got someone else. Princess Carolyn demands he get the director to change his mind, but this makes him nervous and stressed and he hangs up on her. Rutabaga calls her to reveal that he got his client the role that Princess Carolyn's client was supposed to get, which angers her. She then reluctantly congratulates him.

During The Shot, Rutabaga suggests that he and Princess Carolyn leave Vigor, and start their own agency. She agrees, the two make arrangements to start a new business, with all the paperwork under Princess Carolyn's name. They engage in a romantic relationship, that lasts three months. He never divorced his wife, Princess Carolyn got upset and realizing her name was under all the paperwork, left Rutabaga in the dust while she moved on to her new agency.

Season 3[]

In Season 3, he starts his agency with Vanessa Gekko.

In Old Acquaintance, on New Year's Eve, and Rutabaga and Katie, are in marriage therapy. The therapist, Dr. Janet, is telling them their marriage is officially fixed. Rutabaga then gets a call from his partner, Vanessa Gekko, who tells him that the new David Pincher film, Flight of the Pegasus, lost its lead and they need a new actor immediately. He tells Katie he has to take care of work but promises he'll be there, by the time she gives birth. He heads into the office, where they decide that Chuff Hollister, should be the replacement lead.

Later in the episode, Katie gives birth to their seven children.

Season 4[]

Rutabaga appears in a recurring role again in Season 4, seemingly having no ill will toward Princess Carolyn, who hates him. He is frustrated with his life as a husband and father, complaining about his wife wanting him to "co-parent" their children, scoffing at the fact she calls it "parenting." He thinks Princess Carolyn would be "hilarious" as a mom, showing nonchalance about her efforts trying for a baby.

Season 6[]

In A Quick One, While He's Away, At Elefante, Kelsey is having lunch with Rutabaga. Rutabaga tells Kelsey she can't compare herself to Justin Kenyon. Rutabaga jokingly says the difference is he has a great agent. He then apologizes, as he sees Kelsey is not in the mood for jokes. Kelsey then says she's a good director. Rutabaga agrees but says Justin's films make real money. He reminds her that the last big movie she was on she got fired from.

Kelsey then asks Rutabaga how she didn't break into Richard Nixon Presidential Library alone yet, her career is the only one that has suffered. Rutabaga tells her he doesn't know how fate pushes people in their great cosmic dance. Kelsey asks about all the stories she keeps hearing about people wanting to hire female directors. Rutabaga tells her they do, just not for this particular project. She then asks Rutabaga to get her out of "director jail."

Later, Kelsey is editing the immersive product placement journey when she gets a call from Rutabaga about directing a film called Fireflame which is about a lady superhero. Kelsey is hesitant because she doesn't want them to hire her just because she's a woman. Rutabaga tells her Justin wouldn't worry about whether they are hiring him because he's a man, he'd just take the job for the money. He continues saying it's different because it's a superhero movie with a twist. Kelsey asks if they want her to pitch the twist, and he explains the twist is that the hero is a woman. Rutabaga tells them they want to hear her take, by which he means as a woman, Kelsey is supposed to tell them their take.

Kelsey goes to the interview for Fireflame and she gets the job as director.



Rutabaga, his wife Katie, and their newborn children.

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  • Rutabaga is left-handed, as he's seen writing with his left hand, in his first appearance. He is never shown writing with his right hand.
  • Raphael Bob-Waksberg confirmed his name is spelled with ONE B, not two.