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Roxy is a minor and recurring character in BoJack Horseman. Her first appearance was in Horse Majeure, in Season 1.

Physical Appearance[]

Roxy is a human woman with wavy sandy brown hair that falls slightly below her shoulders and bangs that fall over her forehead slightly to the right of her face.

She has a curvy build and tan skin. According to the model sheets, she is just above 4 1/2 feet tall, making her one of the shortest human characters on the show.

She wears a dark grey tank top, a navy mini skirt with a yellow banana print, magenta lipstick, and black strappy sandals.

In 2007 she wore the same navy banana mini skirt, black cropped leggings with lace trim, purple flats with pink heels and bows, a yellow open cardigan, and a white tank top.


Roxy is the best friend of Diane Nguyen who seems to be the more outgoing and extroverted one out of the two friends. Overall, her demeanor seems kind and friendly.



Roxy was the wedding officiant for Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter in the episode Horse Majeure.

She worked alongside Diane and Wayne as a cater waiter and barista in 2007.

Roxy is baffled by the fact that Diane did not come to her or her other friends after her time in Cordovia, choosing to stay at BoJack Horseman's home instead and also worries about Diane's obsession with BoJack.

However, little is known about her personal background and life.

Season 1[]


Roxy acting as wedding officiant for Diane Nguyen and Mr. Peanutbutter.

In Horse Majeure, Roxy acted as the wedding officiant for Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter at Elefante.

Season 2[]

In After the Party, Roxy makes a cameo at Diane's surprise party.

In Let's Find Out, she's seen in the audience for HSAC!WDTK?DTKT??LFO!

In Yes And, Roxy is seen in the audience of Todd's improv show with Shenanigags.

Season 3[]

In The BoJack Horseman Show, she is seen with Diane and Wayne at Starbucks in 2007. Wayne tells Diane that she has some mail. It turns out to be a rejection letter from The New Yorker. Roxy then says that magazine is for white people. Crossing her, arms she says white people are the worst as she crosses her arms and asks Diane and Wayne if they agree. Diane then reads the letter which says that the newspaper thought her piece had merit but wasn't right for them.

Wayne suggests "Caring leads to disappointment? Trying is stupid and so is having dreams?" Diane then says someone gave her piece a read and decided against it. Wayne then says their journalistic style couldn't be more outmoded. Diane then says she never even thought they'd read it and she is surprised the actually read it.

Roxy and Wayne continue to mock the different sections of The New Yorker, which Diane comments on by saying for two people who hate The New Yorker they sure know a lot about its different sections.

Another two months later, Diane, Roxy, and Wayne are catering at the John Edwards campaign where Mr. Peanutbutter is giving a speech. Roxy and Wayne make fun of the speech and Wayne tells Roxy he is going to post that to his Twitter page. Roxy then questions what a Twitter page is.

In Stop the Presses, Roxy convinces Diane to contribute $50 to their friend Virginia's Kickstarter campaign, despite both of them thinking it's a dumb Kickstarter campaign. Due to the fact, Diane contributed to the Kickstarter, she left her credit card on the table at home, causing her to be late for the Secretariat ad campaign meeting.


Roxy expressing concern for Diane's obsession with BoJack.

In It's You, Roxy and Diane are seen eating at Silver Spoon Diner. Diane complains about BoJack, and Roxy asks why Diane bothers seeing BoJack anymore, seeing as she no longer works for him. Roxy expresses her concern about Diane's "weird fixation" with BoJack, but Diane repeatedly avoids talking about it by changing the subject to the water being served during the drought.

Season 4[]

In Stupid Piece of Sh*t, she and Diane are talking on the roof about her current issues with Mr. Peanutbutter. Roxy questions why instead of talking about their issues they engage in "hot angry sex" and get into really big fights. Diane then says this kind of works. Roxy further presses Diane who then apologizes saying they always talk about her.

Diane then starts to ask Roxy about herself but they are interrupted by Todd who asks for advice about his sham wedding to Courtney but says it's his "friend" who is getting married and the wedding is based on a lie. Diane then tells Todd all weddings are lies as you are making this big declaration about how you are going to stay with this person forever, but you don't actually know that. She goes on to say you're just saying it, the whole thing is a farce. Todd then says that's true.

Diane then says it is a lie based on truth, at the center of the farce is something real and pure. That strange, beautiful something is why you put up with everything else. Todd then says he guesses so. Diane then says it's hard to remember the beautiful thing because it's been painted over with so many arguments, compromises, and disappointments but you have to be able to believe it's still down there somewhere even if you can't see it. Diane then says maybe the belief in it is more important than the belief itself, but only if you still believe in it. Diane then asks Todd if that makes sense.

Todd then tells her that advice has given him a lot to think about. After Todd leaves, Diane says that was really good advice and calls herself a really good friend which causes Roxy to groan and shake her head.

Season 6[]

In Xerox of a Xerox, she is mentioned when Diane is talking to Guy and she explains to him that Roxy is her real best friend but she doesn't know what her job is and she feels like it's too late to ask. This is the last mention of Roxy in the series.

Episode Appearances[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

Roxy does not have any scenes and is not mentioned in Season 5.

Season 6[]

Starbucks 2007

Diane Nguyen, Wayne, and Roxy in 2007


  • Her surname is unknown.
  • It appears as though she has known Diane and Wayne for a very long time.
    • She met them before 2007
  • She is part of Diane's circle of friends who are never shown on-screen and are just mentioned:
    • They have a mutual friend named Virginia.
  • Her model sheet describes her as "a hipster."
  • In the pilot appears a woman dressed exactly like her, the only difference being her hair is tied in a bun.
  • She was seen with Shenanigags's guy in Horse Majeure, Let's Find Out and among the spectators in Yes And when he is on stage.
  • Her last mention in the series is in Xerox of a Xerox.
    Roxy model sheet

    Roxy Model Sheet