Roxy is a minor and reoccurring character in BoJack Horseman.

Physical Apperance

Roxy is a human woman with wavy sandy brown hair that falls slightly below her shoulders and bangs that fall over her forehead slightly to the right of her face.

She has a curvy build and tan skin. According to the model sheets, she is just above 4 1/2 feet tall, making her one of the shortest human characters on the show.

She wears a dark grey tank top, a navy mini skirt with a yellow banana print, magenta lipstick, and black strappy sandals.

In 2007 she wore the same navy banana mini skirt, black cropped leggings with lace trim, purple flats with pink heels and bows, a yellow open cardigan, and a white tank top.


Roxy is the best friend of Diane Nguyen who seems to be the more outgoing and extroverted one out of the two friends. Overall, her demeanor seems kind and friendly.



She was the wedding officiant for Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter in the episode Horse Majeure.

She worked alongside Diane and Wayne as a cater waiter and barista in 2007.

Roxy is baffled by the fact that Diane did not come to her or her other friends after her time in Cordovia, choosing to stay at BoJack Horseman's home instead and also worries about Diane's obsession with BoJack.

However, little is known about her personal background and life currently.

Episode Appearances

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Season 4

Starbucks 2007

Diane Nguyen, Wayne, and Roxy in 2007


Roxy acting as wedding officiant for Diane Nguyen and Mr. Peanutbutter.


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