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Rounded Corners Prep is an elementary school. Its only appearance is in BoJack Kills, in Season 3.

Physical Appearance[]

The exterior entrance of the school has a space-themed mural with motivational, educational phrases on it.

They seem to be a very all-inclusive school even getting rid of social constructs such as gender as shown by their school play.



The school seems to be very politically correct, holding a "non-denominational all-inclusive winter day pageant" as opposed to a Christmas pageant or even a more general winter holiday pageant. Diane jokes that they likely changed "Frosty the Snowman" to "Frosty the Non-Gendered Snow-Person."

Season 3[]

BoJack Horseman watches a play there, in BoJack Kills along with Ana Spanakopita and Diane Nguyen. It is one of the places BoJack has to go to for his Oscar campaign trail.

He gets a phone call there from Jill Pill who tells him he needs to retrieve a letter from Cuddlywhiskers from when they were lovers, for as she puts it, "sentimental reasons." BoJack then grudgingly tells her he will pick up the letter if only she stops calling him to run errands for her.

He is then yelled at by someone in the audience for talking too loudly on the phone during the play.

Ana then reminds him of the other campaign-related events he has to go to later that day and reassures BoJack he is doing a good job campaigning so far and tells Diane to make sure BoJack is trending on social media.


  • The school seems to also offer a healthy paleo, gluten-free diet as well.