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Renata in The New Client

Renata is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. She is the nanny who appears in The New Client, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

Renata is a human woman with sandy brown hair and wrinkles on her face, she has a prominent nose and jaw-line, and thin eyebrows. She wears a pair of green studs in her ears.

She wears a deep green button-down cardigan, with a light green collared shirt under it, a dark grey skirt that goes past her ankles, grey tights, and black dress shoes with a slight heel.


Renata is a kind, yet stern lady who gives Princess Carolyn sensible advice. Little else is known about her.


Season 6[]

In The New Client, Princess Carolyn arrives home from work, and the nanny Renata tells her she is quitting. Princess Carolyn then asks, if she'll stay, if she names the baby after her.

Renata then asks since she knows Princess Carolyn is respected in her line of work, she will ask her a question. Renata then asks if Princess Carolyn would work with clients who do not respect her time, health, or general well-being.

Princess Carolyn says that is how all her clients are. Renata goes on to say Ruthie is Princess Carolyn's new client now. She wishes Princess Carolyn luck, as she heads out the door. Princess Carolyn smiles, then looks concerned, as the baby starts crying again.