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Rattlesnack's Diner is a one-time location in BoJack Horseman. It is located in Tesuque, New Mexico. It is seen in Good Damage, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

Rattlesnack's Diner is a Mexican diner located on Route 64. It is a gray building with large windows and a glass double door at the entrance. There are cactus plants outside by the windows by the main entrance to go with the diner's theme.

The logo is a yellow oval with a brown boarder featuring a tortilla chip wearing a sombrero. The building has a phone booth on the left side.

The interior has yellow walls, booths, and a kitchen.


Season 6[]

In Good Damage, In New Mexico, the reporters Max and Paige are outside of Rattlesnack's Diner. Paige is updating her fiance, Baxter, on their progress on their Penny Carson crusade. She tells him they have tried contacting three out of four people living in New Mexico named "Penny Carson."

Paige states would love to go on their honeymoon with him, but she cannot as she and Max are hot on the trail of their story. Max sees Penny waitressing at the diner through the window and points her out to Paige. Paige tells Baxter they have found their deer.

Later, the reporters are seated at the diner. Penny approaches them and gets ready to take their order. They tell her they want information and question her about Sarah Lynn. Penny asks if this has anything to do with BoJack. She then tells Max and Paige she hasn't seen BoJack or Sarah Lynn in years. They try to press her further, but Penny leaves the diner and drives away. The reporters also leave and tailgate after her when they realize their lead is escaping.


• In real life, Tesuque, New Mexico runs through the Route 84 frontage.