Yeah, hold on, America, Randy's gotta figure out how to do his job.

Because if I don't have a graphic, RANDY, people who are just tuning in—Why am I explaining this to you?! This is basic journalisti—I swear to God! We'll be right back!

Tom Jumbo-Grumbo , Chickens

Randy is a recurring and unseen character in BoJack Horseman. He is the copywriter who works the teleprompter on MSNBSea. He is first mentioned in BoJack Hates the Troops, in Season 1.

Physical Appearance

It is unknown what Randy's species is or what he looks like.


Not much is known about Randy since he is never shown on screen. From what is known about him, he seems like he is a playful jokester who likes to play little pranks on Tom while still co-operating with the news team.


Randy likes to overuse alliterations, make puns, and is often the scapegoat when something in the news show goes wrong.

Like Erica he is never shown on screen, just mentioned. Tom berates him to no end, because of his constant (sometimes, just perceived) screw-ups, most of the time live on air.

Often berated for this, especially when the story is one of their main ones. The Jerk-Off is just one of many, apparently.

Tom really has it against him. To be fair, the guy does screw up, but not as often as Tom thinks he does. He's often blamed for things in the script that are nonsensical and for coming up with lame names like The Jerk-Off for important news.

Nothing is known about his personal life.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • Most of Randy's shenanigans are likely to get a rise out of Tom.
    • Despite his annoyance with Randy, Tom does seem to consider him "family" showing concern when he passes out on his keyboard in Hooray! Todd Episode!
  • Randy comes up with really lame titles for serious news stories.
  • Randy, like Erica, has never been seen on screen.
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