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Queen Antonia and is a minor and one-bit character in BoJack Horseman. Her only appearance was in Season 4, in Underground.

Physical Appearance[]

Queen Antonia is a dark tan colored adult female ant with four arms, maroon oval-shaped eyes, thick black eyebrows and, gold antennae sticking out from her forehead, and dark maroon lips who wears an elaborate ornate headpiece that is maroon at the top and gold at the bottom with two rows of oval-shaped teal and red jewels on it .

The bottom row has a center jewel that is more elaborate than the rest with a gold frame around it and gold tassels at the end with red decorations on the ends of them.

A triangular piece of fabric sticks out from the head piece with a gold trim in the middle of it with a blue tear drop jewel in the middle of it and another blue tear drop jewel at the corner of the fabric.

She wears a copper bikini inspired armor with paisley patterns on it with a red maroon trim and teal and red jewels that match the headpiece.

The top and bottom of the bikini are connected by a piece of the trim. She wears copper sleeve cuffs with red trim on the top and bottom. She wears pointed brown high-heeled boots that are knee-high length with red trim in a diamond-shaped pattern with red lines making geometric patterns inside them.



Queen Antonia is a queen ant that reigns the underground colony K147 located beneath Hollywoo.

Season 4[]

In Underground, Queen Antonia meets Princess Carolyn and Todd when they fall into her colony. When the soldiers find them, they force Princess Carolyn to negotiate with the queen on their behalf.

They accord that the queen will let the soldiers have sex with her male drones, as she is tired of humans invading her space, she kicks them out and brings Mr. Peanutbutter's house back to the surface.